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Swag Class of '16 Player Profile: Michael Irvin Jr.

You already know the name. Time to get to know the player.

When you come to the University of Miami as the son of THE original "Playmaker" expectations are going to be high.

Perhaps unfairly so.

But the 6'3 220 pound 3 star St. Thomas Aquinas product has enough skills to make a name of his own.

So the first question is, will he be a WR or a TE?

I think he ends up growing into his frame a little more and becoming the latter.

Early on he could be something of an H back similarly to David Njoku.   And like all young TE prospects, his inline blocking will need to be developed.

His size, hands, and route running are already impressive though.

Here are some highlights:

Summary: Irvin Jr. strikes me as more of a solid, fundamentally sound prospect than as an explosive athlete. That is okay though, and he comes from a great program and obviously has the blood line to be successful. And with some time in the UM strength and conditioning program he could develop into a special player. For now though I do not see him supplanting Njoku or any of the WR prospects on the roster for immediate playing time.  If he comes to Coral Gables and works hard, he could be a starter down the line or worst case a pretty good #2/3 TE.