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2016 State of the U College Basketball Bracket Contest

With the Canes back in the NCAAs with a top seed, we're bringing back the SOTU bracket contest!

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this evening, the Canes got their seed and opponent information for the 2016 NCAA tournament.

But, the Canes aren't the only ones who will be competing for a title this March: YOU CAN TOO!!!

That's right, guys. I'm here to announce the 2016 State of the U College Basketball Bracket Contest!

In conjunction with our friends at Yahoo!, we will be running a contest this year. This is YOUR CHANCE to prove that you are, in fact, the smartest fan out there.

How does this work? Simple, but we'll get to that in a second. But I know your main question: Are there prizes?!?!?!? OF COURSE THERE ARE!!!! The prizes for this year's Bracket Contest are:

  • GRAND PRIZE: $100 gift card to All Canes
  • 1st prize: Canes hat (style to be determined)


This is contained in the official rules (below), but here are the entry requirements:

How to Enter:

To enter the Contest, you must  
(i) be a registered member of the Contest Site,
(ii) be a registered member of the Yahoo!Sports Tourney Pick'Em (the "Tournament Site"),
(iii) be a registered member of the league entitled "" (the "League"), and
(iv) create and submit an entry for the League on the Tournament Site.

i. Becoming a Registered User of the Contest Site. Visit the Contest Site and if you are not already a registered user of the Contest Site, click "Sign Up" and register as a member of the Contest Site.

ii. Becoming a Registered User of the Tournament Site. Visit the Tournament Site to register for a Tournament Site account.

iii. Becoming a Member of the League. Locate the League in the Tournament Site’s Group Directory and click to join.

iv. Creating and Submitting an Entry. Once signed up to participate in the League on the Tournament Site, an entrant must submit his or her "selections" in accordance with the rules of the Tournament Site to predict the outcome of all games in the 2016 Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament (an "Entry").  There is a limit of one (1) entry per person/e-mail address. Entries will not be acknowledged. The use of an agency or any automated system to enter is strictly prohibited and Sponsor reserves the right to disqualify any entries received through such methods, as determined by Sponsor, in its sole discretion

On part (i), State of the U is the contest site. So, be sure you're a REGISTERED SOTU MEMBER before you make your entry. I'd hate to disqualify anybody for not following the rules.

CLICK THIS LINK to go to the page to join the bracket, or search once you've made your Yahoo! Tourney pick'em account to join the bracket.
(Limit: 1 entry per person)

You can find all the official rules for the State of the U NCAA Basketball Bracket Contest right here

So, there you have it, Canes. Enter the bracket for your chance to win one of our prizes.

Happy Bracketing, everybody!

Go Canes!