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ARod Comes Through for A-Rod: Yankee Icon Meets with Miami Basketball Star

Very cool story Miami and Yankees fans.

On March 19, in the midst of the Miami Hurricanes’ Sweet 16 run, team leader and star player Angel Rodriguez tweeted out the following:


The Yankees' superstar was seen at UM's games this year, for those who missed it.

Well upon seeing the tweet, Alex's publicist tweeted out the following:


The meeting finally happened today as Alex's Yankees are in Miami to take on the hometown Marlins tonight. For those who don't think the NYY Version of "Arod" is a cool guy, we beg to differ.

Rodriguez is a huge supporter of The University of Miami, and not just in donations.

Today is just another example that while he may wear pinstripes, he bleeds Orange and Green.

(Special thanks to Alex Rodriguez' rep Ron Berkowitz for the photos and story).