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Miami Basketball NBA Draft Profile: Sheldon McClellan

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Sheldon McClellan

G - 6'5 200

2015-16 Key Stats:  16.3 ppg, 3.2 rpg, 1.6 apg, 50.4 FG% 40.6 3P%, 83.8% FT%

"I’ve written every NBA scout that I know that Sheldon McClellan is a first-round NBA draft choice. And I know he’s not that one-and-done guy. He’s not a superstar freshman like we see so many times get drafted in the lottery but if you’re an NBA team looking for a two guard who can put the ball in the basket, who can defend — he’s playing great defense right now. He continues to get better in that area and his offensive skills are at the highest level. Probably the most talented guard I’ve ever coached."  - Miami Coach Jim Larrañaga

The NBA Draft is still a long way away tonight.

So now is as good a time as any to look ahead to the prospects of UM's departing stars at the next level.

And what better place to start than Miami's best NBA hopeful,  Sheldon McClellan.

McClellan is as efficient a player as there was in the country this past season, and the 'Canes most likely player to be drafted.

His consistent scoring and improved defense were keys in the Hurricanes' Sweet 16 run.

Mac's numbers are not as prolific as other 2 guard hopefuls.

But some NBA team  is going to get a very good player if they take a shot at the 6'5 prospect from Houston, Texas.



Ball handling, shooting, athleticism, unselfishness, defense, underrated passer, and  all around scoring.

McClellan can get to the bucket off the dribble, create his own shots from deep or medium range, finish above the rim (reported 44 inch vertical), and even showed the occasional propensity to score in the low post this past season.

He also rarely forces things.   More on that in a bit.

But beyond scoring, he does a lot of other things very well.   This past season he handled a good bit more than past seasons.  Bringing the ball up court and setting up the offense is well within his capabilities.   He's a willing and capable passer as well.

McClellan also improved dramatically as a defender.  This is something he will need to show consistently in an NBA camp to make a roster.  He certainly has the intensity and lateral movement to be a an excellent player on both ends.


Often too unselfish, slight frame, and rebounding,

McClellan has the talent to have scored 20+ a game,  but often deferred to teammates.  This can be seen as both a strength and a weakness.   While NBA Coaches do not want players who take bad shots, they want their most talented players to assert themselves.   Mac will need to the most of his chances in camp to earn a roster spot and potentially a spot in someone's rotation.

And while his length, quickness, and ungodly jumping ability make him a good defender, he's not exactly bulky. Opposing two's will probably try to take him to the block, given his stature.

Last but not least, he needs to show a regular penchant for helping on the glass.   He flashed the ability in Coral Gables, but probably should have had a few more boards a game given UM's struggles in that department.

Draft Projection:

2nd Round.

NBA teams gravitate to one and done's like moths to a summer light.

McClellan is a recently graduated 5th year senior.

Strike 1.

Plus they will question his modest production and the few subtle flaws to his game.

But you can not question Mac's work ethic, skill set, and explosiveness.

Someone will get a steal in the middle of the second round, and might just have the perfect player to mold into a high scoring 6th man, and eventual starter at the 2 guard spot.