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Miami Hurricanes NFL Draft Profile: Deon Bush

Today we profile a player who had a very productive career at UM, could he be even more productive at the next level?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Deon Bush

S - 6'0 205

Key Stats: 168 career tackles, 10 TFL, 4 INT, 5 sacks, 32 starts, 9 forced fumbles,

2015 ACC 3rd team, 3 time ALL-ACC Honorable Mention.

4.64 2.70 - 17 36


Deon Bush has been one of the steadiest players on the Miami roster over the past 4 seasons (minus a sophomore slump that was attributed to family concerns and injury).

He has the ability to play both S spots, is a jarring tackler, and can cover a lot of ground in coverage as well.

Bush has shown time and time again the propensity to separate ball carrier and receivers alike from the ball.

He won't wow you with his speed, but his instincts and intelligence usually have him in the right place at the right time.

And despite being a starter he played a lot ,and BIG, on special teams.

That'll project nicely at the next level.

However, despite his big play abilities he was not overwhelmingly prolific for a 4 year guy (perhaps in part due to the 'Canes rotation of players under Al Golden) and he missed a few too many tackles.

Nonetheless NFL teams would be smart to give DB a long look.

He could be a steal as a starting SS down the line, and can fill in at FS (though his speed is a little suspect for this position as a pro) if needed.


Instincts, physicality, nose for the ball, versatility, ST ability.

Bush knows how to get his hat on the ball.  This is a quality that never gets old in the NFL.  He also has good enough size and strength to be a more consistent form tackler at the next level.

And if he gets a shot at FS, his range is pretty good despite average straight line speed.

He's also played some slot CB in college, again displaying that he can be used all over the field.

Bush was pretty impressive when used as a blitzer as well.

Overall he can disrupt an offense and make big plays when utilized correctly.


Speed, missed tackles, tweener.

I suspect he projects as a SS in the pros.  NFL teams might question what his true position is, and that could hurt him some in the draft.

Like a lot of Hurricanes players the past few seasons, Bush missed some tackles in the open field leading to big plays for the opposition.   More than likely that is correctable with some good coaching, given his physical attributes.

And again,  he is not a burner.  He makes up for it in other ways, but that could cost him a few spots in the draft.

Draft Projection:

3rd to 5th Round.

Deon Bush is a very good football player.  His athleticism (great vert, strength, etc) is good enough for the next level.

Someone is going to draft this guy.

How soon depends on the factors outlined above.

But Bush should be a very good pro S, and potentially a special teams stand out as well.