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BREAKING: Miami Hurricanes Running Back Mark Walton Arrested, Suspended from team

Exactly what we DID NOT need heading into the off-season.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

8:55pm update

3:45pm update

Arrest report details on Mark Walton

3:30pm update

Add "driving with a suspended license" to the Walton scenario

2:10pm update

A further clarification from Liane Morejon of WPLG 10, Miami's ABC affiliate, on her previous tweet regarding potential charges for Mark Walton

1:50PM update

For clarification, DUI confirmed charge. Impersonating an officer still being investigated, along with any other potential charges

1:30pm update

Mark Walton could be facing multiple charges.

That's 2 charges with potentially more to come.

Original post

According to multiple reports, sophomore RB Mark Walton has been suspended from the Miami Hurricanes Football team.

This suspension was immediately confirmed by UM Athletic Director Blake James.

The presumed starter at RB after the spring, Walton's suspension comes as a shock. There are no details as to what precipitated this action at the moment, but I'm sure details will become available in the future.

More on this as it's available.