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Miami Hurricanes NFL Draft Profile: Tyriq McCord

Today we take a look at a former 4 star prospect trying to make his way to an NFL roster

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Tyriq McCord

OLB/DE - 6'2 239

Key Stats:  19 career stats, 21 TFL, 14 sacks, 3 INT, 110 total tackles.

Pro Day Results; 21 reps bench press, 4.7 40 yard dash.


McCord spent the majority of his career as a pass rushing specialist, coming off the edge from a three point stance.

But as a senior he worked mostly at the OLB spot.

The Tampa native is still at his best coming around the corner, whether standing or lining up as a D lineman.

He also occasionally showed decent ability to drop back in coverage, but was not exactly a stalwart setting the edge on running downs.

McCord does not project to be an every down player at the next level, but with some development could be a pretty good nickel/dime LB or simply rush the QB on passing downs.

His ability to cover kicks/play ST may be the deciding factor in whether he makes a roster or not, as he projects to be a late draft pick/UFA.


Explosive, versatile, good hands/moves as a pass rusher.

TM was asked to do a lot at UM, yet shared a lot of snaps, both factors perhaps negating from what could have been a much more productive career.

He has an excellent swim move, as well as a great first step, making him tough to stop when he comes off the edge.

McCord also was surprisingly effective covering TE's and backs.  Miami even lined him up over WR's on occasion (much to the angst of 'Canes fans).

While he's not suited for making many plays inline, he showed good toughness and play making ability fighting off blocks out in space against bubble screens/swing passes.


Tweener, strength, consistency.

While McCord made his share of big plays during his time in Coral Gables, he also sometimes disappeared. Some of this can be attributed to nagging injuries, but the rest was likely due to his limited repertoire.

He often got stoned when trying anything other than a speed rush.

And on outside running plays, much of the time he was completely wiped out by above average ACC offensive lineman.

He appeared to be out of position as a stand up OLB, something he was forced to do as a senior because of the Hurricanes depth issues at the position.

Draft Projection:

7th Round to UFA.

McCord is a very interesting player.

His talent is evident, but he does have some glaring weaknesses.

He'll have his work cut out for him to make an NFL roster, but because pass rushing is at such a premium on the next level he's got a shot.

If he comes to camp and makes an impact covering kicks, he might stick around long enough to get reps as a pass rusher.

From there, his ability to get to the QB will be the deciding factor on if he makes it.