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3-star S Ahman Ross decommits from Miami

Sometimes you have to get rid of average to make room for great.

3-star S Ahman Ross is a Canes commit no more.
3-star S Ahman Ross is a Canes commit no more.

On Tuesday night, 3-star S Ahman Ross decommitted from Miami.

This move is likely the attrition that Canes fans (and bloggers such as myself) have been waiting to happen. Ross is a solid player, but he's far from a "class making superstar" type talent. With Mark Richt's staff taking a new recruiting approach, connecting to and heavily pursuing SoFLA talent, this could be a good thing. I'm not the only person who thinks this.

So, this is widely seen as natural attrition, but the full impact of this move can't be known as yet.

The big thing now is: who takes Ross' spot in this class? I spoke about this on twitter the other day, and kind of touched on this in last week's recruiting mailbag, but Al Golden would go after top recruits, miss on them, then replace them with 3-star/project type players.

This move with Ross decommitting sets Miami up to do the opposite: remove a player who would be 2+ years from becoming a major contributor from the class to make room (potentially) for a higher caliber athlete.

Now, it's on Mark Richt and staff to find and close on the player who would make this move a recruiting win. And, if Ariz's postulate is right, the staff has PLENTY of options in South Florida to find that kind of player.

I wish Ahman Ross the best in his future endeavors.

More to come.

Go Canes