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Canes Indoor Practice Facility "a hair" away from being announced

Mark Richt's #1 priority is THISCLOSE to getting announced.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The University of Miami has steadily upgraded the Athletic facilities in recent years. However, a major missing piece could be coming to fruition soon.

As reported by Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, Miami could be VERY CLOSE to announcing a donation to fund the construction of an Indoor Practice Facility

New Canes coach Mark Richt has repeatedly stated that getting an IPF was his "#1 priority". And, if this donation goes through (which it seemingly will) that will go from being a fantasy to a reality.

Much has been made of the fact that Miami is the only P5 school without an IPF or plans to build one. But, with a new staff and a renewed sense of direction for the program, that may soon change.

Mark Richt is already proving to be a man who gets things done.

Now, let's get on the field and win games, too.

More on this soon? We'll see.

Go Canes