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REPORT: Reinstatement nears for RB Mark Walton

This would be huge for the Canes if so

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Before we move to the report, let's reset the situation:

Back on April 23rd, Running Back Mark Walton was arrested for DUI and subsequently suspended indefinitely.

Through that whole scenario, there was talk that Walton was also suspect of impersonating a police officer. There has been much debate as to the truth of those allegations, but Miami has been steadfast in refraining from any comment until the investigation was completed and the facts of the situation known.

Now, according to a report by Andy Slater of WINZ, Walton is set to be reinstated to the team shortly.

Obviously, if the investigation has proven the non-DUI allegations against Walton to be false, then reinstatement is the necessary move. If, however, the allegations are proven to be true, then another course of action would need to be taken.

At this time, the University of Miami has made no comment on the matter. But, if this report is true, the Canes will regain the most talented player at the RB position to an already deep group at that position. But, that's a discussion we can have another time.

More on this as it's available.