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Mark Richt to donate $1M of his money to help get Indoor Practice Facility built

CMR has said getting an IPF is priority #1 for him. And, according to reports, he's going to put his money where his mouth is on that point.

Joe Skipper/Getty Images

According to reports by and Matt Porter of the Palm Beach Post, Miami Hurricanes Head Coach Mark Richt will be donating $1 Million of his own money to help with the construction of an Indoor Practice Facility for the Canes Football team.

Richt has repeatedly said that getting an IPF for Miami is priority number one, and this report would only go to support that point.

According to several reports on the topic over the last month, the design for the IPF is on paper and has been shown to prospective donors as well as football recruits. Those plans are not ready for public consumption yet, but hopefully, if a lead gift is given, they will be soon. and others have reported that the cost of the desired IPF could be in the range of $27 Million. It would cover one of the existing football practice fields, and also house a weight room and football offices for the Hurricanes' program. The construction timeline for the IPF has been estimated to take 2 years, per reports.

With his reported donation, Mark Richt is proving that this is a major need for the program. Hopefully, Miami will find the lead gift donor soon to help get the Indoor Practice Facility Project off the ground.