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Will Coach Kool Make the Canes Great Again?

With the talent possibly ready to take off all along the defensive line, will the Canes defensive line batter and bruise the competition in 2016-17?

Shane Ray is one of the many top talents Coach Kool was able to mold into a top NFL pass rusher.
Shane Ray is one of the many top talents Coach Kool was able to mold into a top NFL pass rusher.
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

This is a pretty simple question, really:

The Miami defensive line has been both a sieve in the running game and nonexistent in the passing game over the last four seasons. Why will it now be feared due to the new coaching regime?

Let's break down the reasons why:

1) The previous regime's defensive philosophy was read and react. The new scheme will be about pressuring the offense.

In a very simplistic breakdown.. The previous 34 style of defense was predicated on taking up blocks and tying up the offense along the line of width of the line of scrimmage. Thus, the linebackers and secondary unit could then get after the passing attack or ground game. This essentially nullified the purpose of having a penetrating defensive line unit. From what has been gathered throughout the offseason, this defensive line will not be asked to simply envelope the offensive line but rather to get passed them and to do it as fast as possible. Thus they will be given a "green light" to get after both the quarterbacks and running backs in the backfield.

2) The defensive line coach that Miami has brought in is a talent developer that translates his players' talent both on gameday and at the pro ranks.

Coach "Kool" as he goes by to those that know him is hands down one of the better defensive line coaches in the country. Not the conference, the country. He has taken mid-level talent (three star recruits) and made them first round picks, all conference defensive linemen and of course, all Americans to boot.

Now, you couple his success with developmental players at his past stop of Missouri and the fact that Miami (besides the last five to ten years) has been able to pull in above average to excellent talent along the entire defensive line.. You have a "tinder box" of success ready to translate.

3) This kind of couples with number 2 but.. Miami already has high level talent ready to produce.

Miami's two deep across the four starting positions along the defensive line, in theory, could be filled with all high level former four star recruits out of high school and even a handful of five stars as well. Miami has had the talent the last few years but the pieces just never really fit the plodding scheme. Now those same pieces are going to be turned loose as well as going to be coached by one of the best in college football?

Yea, it may be time to start to get excited about the defensive line again.