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Former Canes OL Jonathan Feliciano on WQAM re: Al Golden

Some very pointed comments about happenings on the Canes team during Al Golden's tenure.

Former Canes OL Jon Feliciano (70) had some very pointed comments regarding Al Golden's time at Miami
Former Canes OL Jon Feliciano (70) had some very pointed comments regarding Al Golden's time at Miami
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So, okay. Last week, Al Golden made some asinine comments about being "burnt out" and how being at Miami "took a lot of his life". I responded to those comments here, and stand by every word I said.

Today, the plot to the past 5 years thickened. Former Canes OL Jonathan Feliciano went on the Big O Show on WQAM radio and had some very, very pointed comments about Al Golden's tenure at Miami.

Among the things Feliciano said:

  • Golden and staff played Brad Kaaya so that they (staff) could have excuse of using a freshman QB. Thereby, if the record was poor (that was the 6-7 season), then they'd be insulated from full blame.
  • Golden and staff refused to let QB Stephen Morris get an MRI on his ankle. That forced Morris to play on a torn Achilles Tendon.
  • Feliciano noted the fact that former DE Anthony Chickillo was made to gain 60lbs and play out of position.
  • Asked if the players tried to get coaches to change tactics, Feliciano replied "good luck with that"
  • Feliciano said that several coaches desired to play a different scheme. Golden, obviously, did not allow that.
  • Feliciano said there's "internal issues worse than" anything he's able to openly discuss. And, with what he's discussed, one can only imagine what those may have been.
  • Oh, and there's PLENTY more.
This interview further supports what we've known for a long time: Al Golden was not only in over his head, he was obstinate to the point of stupidity. Feliciano also said that the Canes would have won 4 more games in 2014 had Ryan Williams been the starting QB. "We would have cared" about the post-FSU games, Feliciano said.

I mean. Wow. Just wow. I knew that the Golden tenure was bad, but I had not idea it was THIS BAD.

Whew. I get happier every day that Al Golden is gone. My goodness.

I would ask you to comment, but I have a feeling you're going to do that anyways. Fire away.