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Welcome to The U! CanesHoops Lands Big Man Transfer

Forward Michael Gilmore, who played his first two seasons for VCU, announced his transfer to the University of Miami this afternoon following a visit earlier this week. The big man from Jacksonville, who has basketball bloodlines through his uncle, Hall of Famer Artis Gilmore, was originally a target for the Hurricanes in the class of 2014, where as a top 150 recruit he had offers from Georgia Tech, Kansas State, Oklahoma, and others. This time around, Gilmore chose Miami over Tulane, Florida Gulf Coast and Valparaiso and will have two years of eligibility remaining after sitting out the 2016-17 season.

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At 6'9", Gilmore is a "stretch" forward with the ability to connect from outside (39.4 percent from 3 last year) as well as play in the post, a major component in Miami's offense and one that may be missing from the roster this upcoming season. Gilmore played inconsistently in his sophomore year, starting 18 games but averaging 3.2 points and 2.8 rebounds in 11.5 minutes of action. He concluded his VCU career with 12 points and 8 rebounds off the bench in their NCAA tournament loss to eventual Final Four participant Oklahoma, a bright sign for his future with the Hurricanes. Gilmore is a prime candidate to benefit a redshirt year, which will give him the opportunity to make continued physical gains in Miami's renowned strength and conditioning program and to tighten up his defense, reduce turnovers, and crash the boards -€” areas that Coach Jim Larrañaga has focused on with previous transfers, and which may have been the reason why Gilmore was shuffled in and out of the lineup all year.

We messaged with Gilmore online, and here's what he told us about his decision:

SOTU: When you made the decision to transfer, what were you looking for in your next college?

MG: "Growing as a player and getting a great education both continue to be really important, and I'm just exploring what other paths might look like for me."

SOTU: Miami is the only major conference team you looked at, how do you compare the situation between a school like Miami and a school like FGCU?

MG: "Comparing them is like apples and oranges. They just each offer something unique."

SOTU: What gave Miami the edge?

MG: "Miami offers an opportunity to come back home to Florida and get a great education. They have had a lot of success with transfers, and could use a skilled big man that can shoot the ball and spread the floor."

SOTU: When did you know that Miami was your choice?

MG: I knew after giving it a long and very detailed evaluation on the program and what it has to offer and what I need.

SOTU: What have the coaches told you about their expectations for your redshirt year, and where you'll fit into the team when you're eligible?

MG: To gain strength experience and confidence as well as making my team better.

He may have to sit out a year, but we are excited to have him.

Welcome to the U Michael!!!