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Miami Hurricanes Football 2016 Player Profile: Kendrick Norton

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In an effort to keep even the most hardcore Miami fan up to date on their favorite players, SOTU will be running a Player Profile series. In these posts, our writers will profile players from each position that they think should get more face time. They will recap their previous year, or in some cases, preview what may be to come. That way, when the season get's here, you hopefully will have a new found love for the team on the field.

Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Kendrick Norton

DT - 6'3 315 Sophomore - Jacksonville, Fl

2015 Key Stats:  19 total tackles, 1.5 TFL, 1 Sack.

Flashed some of his impressive abilities as a true freshman last season, displaying impressive movement and power in limited action.

Big man has a great motor, and should benefit from the new defense under Manny Diaz:

His lower base is reminiscent of former greats like Vince Wilfork and Warren Sapp, but he has a ways to go to earn those type comparisons as a player.

Nonetheless, is a potential force to be reckon with at the DT spot.

Summary:  Norton may not have made a ton of plays in 2015, but when he was on the field, his burst off the line of scrimmage was impressive and reason to be excited he can be big time in 2016 and beyond.  Florida transfer Gerald Willis, and sophomore RJ McIntosh, are the presumptive starters on the interior line.  However I expect Norton to get just as many snaps, if not more than the aforementioned duo. He's going to be a very key cog in this D, that is for sure.  And other than perhaps Courtel Jenkins, he has the most potential on the roster to be a run stuffer among D linemen.  While I like Jenkins as well, I think Norton is more impressive athletically and is faster off the snap.  This should also make him a potential terror as a pass rusher too.  He uses his hands well, and once he gets moving is like a steam locomotive.  Nothing less than 30-40 tackles, 3 or more sacks, and 5+ TFL's are well within reach for the Trinity Christian product.  In Diaz' scheme, and with continued development under Craig Kuligowski, Norton has a chance to be a very special (perhaps even All Conference) player.