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ACC Network Set for 2019: What it means for Miami Football/Athletics

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Atlantic Coast Conference Network set for 2019, should help the conference compete with the SEC, Big Ten, and other power conferences.

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Whether we like it or not, college sports is very much revenue driven.

Miami's switch from Nike to Adidas was a result of many factors, but coinage certainly was not a deterring factor in the equation.

And with the added revenue, the 'Canes and Blake James went out and got Mark Richt (speculated to be a salary of approx 4M, which is more than they usually spend) and a staff of quality assistants, that should help UM be much more competitive both in the ACC and Nationally.

So the news (reported by ESPN and a few other sources) on Monday that the ACC and ESPN had reached a 20 year deal, as well as extending its' conference grant of rights 9 years, is a very good thing for the program and the league.

Among the more intriguing aspects aside from money, is the launch this fall of a digital version of the network, and the premier of the "ACC Network"  in 2019, both of which basically assure the conference and its' members more exposure on ESPN.

This never hurts recruiting, which is an arms race that ACC members are always in constant competition Vs the SEC and other power conferences.

The deal also makes it unattractive for any programs currently in the ACC to leave, but still leaves the door open for expansion.

Long story short, no chance per se FSU leaves for the SEC, etc.

And although not a full member, you'll still see Notre Dame on the 'Canes schedule every few years.

But the real impetus here, is still moola.

For the University of Miami, it can't hurt to have even more cash.

Richt has openly opined about the need for an indoor practice facility, and even donated 1M of his own cash to the cause.

This is something that needs to, and should get done regardless of Monday's news.

But perhaps with the comfort of a fatter wallet, it speeds up the process.

We'll see.

Overall, the coming of the ACC Network is win/win for all involved.

Yes, College Sports is already far too money driven.

But in the crazy, greedy world it has become, at least we know our favorite team and their conference are not falling behind other top programs and conferences in the money race.