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Kevaughn Dingle Confident In Becoming An All-Time Great

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The 3-star receiver from Carol City (Miami Gardens, FL.) is determined to become one of the greats

Andrew Ivins, 247Sports

It's been a busy summer for Miami commit Kevaughn Dingle. The three-star receiver out of Carol City - located in Miami Gardens a little over 30 minutes from UM's campus - discussed the hard work he has put in this summer.

"[Summer's] been great," Dingle said. "I've been getting better day by day, working on the little stuff, creating a better bond with my teammates."

The desire to work on the small details and be a team player are traits that Mark Richt and his coaching staff love about Dingle. They're also traits that fans will grow to love. The 6-foot-1 senior is dedicated to being the best teammate he can be, and that was evident at the Paradise Camp last weekend. Despite the fact that he was injured, Dingle attended the camp, but did not participate.

"The camp was good," Dingle said, "I love seeing competition. I didn't participate due to an injury, but it was nice to be around greats and coached by greats."

Dingle did not discuss the specifics of the injury, but still his attendance at the camp and admiration for the greats was apparent.

Despite being a solid commit to The U, some schools are still pursuing Kevaughn. When asked about what set Miami apart from the competition, Dingle swiftly replied with a one word response: "Communication."

That communication has led to a solid relationship with Miami's coaching staff, especially first year receivers coach, Ron Dugans.

"[The coaches and I] have a great bond," Dingle said. "Coach Richt, I love what he do, and he bringing back the old U. Coach Dugans, I love how he says he don't just want to be a coach, he wants to be more like a father figure and mentor."

It's good to see that Dingle has already formed a bond with his position coach, and it's also positive to see that coaches strive to be mentors for the young talent coming into the program.

Kevaughn has built a strong relationship with both Class of 2017 quarterbacks, N'Kosi Perry and Cade Weldon. Both are dynamic players that will benefit from talented players like Dingle at receiver.

Going into his senior season, Kevaughn looks to improve on last season and take home some hardware.

"My individual goal is to put up numbers like last year, but better. The team goal is to win state."

What kind of stats are we talking about? Let's see: 29 receptions, 838 yards, and 11 touchdowns.

Dingle is one of the many commits who chose to stay close to home.

"Kids should stay home and put [their] hometown on the map."

It's pretty clear that the talent level in South Florida is unparalleled, so it's good to see that kids like Dingle are trying to help rebuild by playing for Miami.

Dingle is looking forward to seeing the FSU game next year, as are many other recruits. This could be a pivotal game for Mark Richt and his staff. If he beats FSU, it could be a huge boost for recruiting.

To close out the interview, I asked Kevaughn, "With guys like Michael Irvin, Reggie Wayne and Santana Moss, Miami has set the standard for great receivers? Where will your name be amongst these guys in the future? Will you be an all-time great?

He replied with one quick and confident answer.

"Yes Sir."