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Over/Under: Brad Kaaya 2016 stats

Just for fun, of course.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

So, on the day that Jerry profiled Brad Kaaya ahead of the 2016 season, Bovada released some player-centric over unders for on-field performance. This list includes the following over/unders for Kaaya:

Stat Over/Under number
Passing Yards 3050.5
Passing Touchdowns 20.5

For reference, in his first 2 years at Miami, Kaaya has averaged 3,218 yards and 21 TDs. Yes, he missed time (nearly 2 full games) in 2015, and had he not, I'm sure those average numbers would be even higher.

So, I mean, I know what MY thoughts are on these O/U's from Bovada for Kaaya, but what are yours? Hit the comment section below.

Go Canes