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2017 FSU Legacy Recruit, Anthony Polite, Explains why Miami made his top five

2017 Boca Raton (Fla.) SG Anthony Polite released his top five list of schools. Even though, he’s a Florida State legacy recruit, Miami still remains a factor.

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All attention has been turned to the football recruiting trail by most Miami fans. However, some big news came on Wednesday when Miami made the top five list for 2017 Boca Raton (Fla.) shooting guard Anthony Polite. Who happens to be a Florida State legacy recruit.

His final five consisted of Florida State, Memphis, Pittsburgh, Texas Tech, and Miami. He had more than 30 offers to choose from. So, why did Miami make the cut?

“I think Miami is a great program,” Polite informed me. “Great coaches, awesome campus, and good education as well.”

Polite’s recruitment appears to be a two-way battle between both the Seminoles, where is father played, and the Canes. The Miami coaching staff has put the full-court press on both Polite and his former homeland of Switzerland where his mother lives.

“The coaching staff texts me everyday. I have a great relationship with the entire coaching staff! The academic and basketball part would fit really well with me as a person and in the future even after my basketball life. They have met my mom and talk often to my dad, since it's easier. My mom lives in Switzerland, so it's a little more complicated to have a conversation with her.”

Due to the constant pursuit from the Miami coaching staff, Polite is going to return the favor by taking an official visit to the Canes. Even though, he doesn’t have a set date, before the season starts is a possibility.

“Yes, Miami will get an official visit from me. Not sure what date, maybe before the season.”

Polite did take a visit to Miami in late June and that was a visit that really helped Miami make his top five. Florida State looks to have the lead as of right now within his recruitment, but the Canes are pushing hard. Getting Polite on campus for an official visit, is huge. Polite’s current 247Sports Crystal Ball reads 100-percent in favor of Florida State; with a total of four votes.