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Miami Hurricanes Football: CanesCamp Comes to a Close Saturday at Greentree

Courtesy UM

CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- The Miami Hurricanes' 2016 fall training came to an end Saturday morning with two weeks to go before the team's season opener against Florida A&M on Sept. 3 at Hard Rock Stadium.

“It is the last day of camp, I guess,” head coach Mark Richt said. “It just seems like another day to me. School is going to start Monday, and they have to start managing more than just football, with their academics and all the things that go along with it. There's more things to be distracted from practice and meetings and things like that, so they just have to learn to focus when it's time to focus and take care of business outside of football.”

Richt came away with positive impressions from his first camp at the helm of the Hurricanes.

“I thought overall it was a very good camp. I thought the guys worked really hard, I thought we got better,” he said.

Richt said that though there is a concern of practice becoming "stale" with 14 days to go until the opener, the shift into game-planning mode will help energize the Hurricanes.

"Hopefully game plan mode will help them get excited,” Richt said. “Yesterday we didn't meet in the afternoon with the players. We just met at night and the coaches were working on finalizing a game plan for Florida A&M. Same thing today.”

Senior defensive back Adrian Colbert, who finished his first camp as a member of the Hurricanes and last camp as a collegiate player, isn't worried about any chance of staleness.

“We’re just going to keep competing and making each other better every day,” Colbert said. “Especially since we’re going into game week, it’s just going to keep going up and keep going up – the intensity and the competitiveness.”

Miami's final scrimmage of the fall will be held Wednesday on the Greentree Practice Fields, and it will be a practice game in preparation for Florida A&M. The offense and defense will be lining up on the same sideline for the first time, as the scout ream replicates what Richt and the staff expects to see from the Rattlers. The team will also have what Richt calls a "situational scrimmage" Friday.

"It's got to be here [on Greentree]. I would love to have it at the stadium, but we're not allowed to get there yet,” Richt said. “ It's not a scrimmage Friday. I call it a ‘situational scrimmage.’ Stuations that don't come naturally on Wednesday, we’ll orchestrate. In other words, we're just going to play a half of football. It's going to be the second half on Wednesday. We'll be down maybe by 24 points or something, and we have to crawl back in the game and find a way back in the game. Whatever happens, happens. Just play it like it happens. If there's certain situations that we haven't hit  that didn't happen in the scrimmage, then Friday we'll orchestrate that."

Redshirt sophomore David Njoku is one Hurricane expected to play a big role in 2016.

“During camp, our goal was just to compete. Now we are focused on FAMU. We’re still going to compete during practice, but our focus now will be on our first game.”