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LSU OT Transfer George Brown Jr. Explains why Miami is the right fit for him

Miami has had a lot of interest in transfers from big-name schools. Even though they haven’t been able to hit on some of those guys this off season, they were able to with LSU transfer OT George Brown Jr.

Former LSU offensive lineman George Brown Jr. decided to transfer from the Tigers earlier in the week. He named Penn State, Miami, and Michigan State his three finalists. One of the main reasons he transferred was because of playing time, last season he was a second team offensive tackle.

Well, Miami fans received some pretty exciting news on Wednesday when Scout’s Bill Green reported that Brown Jr. decided that he will be transferring to the Canes and adding some much needed depth at the offensive tackle spot.

Brown Jr. is very excited to be joining the Miami football team and will start classes on Friday. Last night, he knew that he wanted to be a Cane after the the amount of contact the coaching staff had with him.

“I love Miami, the school and the staff, it felt like home,” Brown Jr. said about Miami. “I knew last night after talking with the coaching staff. I just talked to them about what I had to bring to the table and they were talking to me about the program.”

Back in 2015, when Brown Jr. was being recruited as a three-star offensive tackle, Mark Richt at Georgia, and OL coach Stacy Searels at Virginia Tech back in his prep days were two of his main recruiters. The connection to those gentlemen, especially Searels, played a major role in why he picked Miami.

“I talked to Coach Richt, Baez, Searels. I love those guys, I was recruited by both Richt and Searels out of high school.”

Now that Brown Jr. is done with his mini-recruitment, he is looking to get ready for Miami’s campus. In addition, use this year to develop and gain weight so he is ready when his time comes.

“I am bringing hard work and dedication. I'm willing to do anything to help out the team and be the best player I can be. I want to learn the playbook, hit the weight room, build some chemistry with the team, and just get better.”

Brown Jr. will be a redshirt freshman this season as he has to sit out this 2016 season per NCAA transfer rules, and will have three full years to play at Miami starting in the 2017 season.