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Associated Press Ranks Miami No. 13 All-Time College Football Program

Courtesy UM

CORAL GABLES, Fla. – The Miami Hurricanes were ranked the No. 13 all-time college football program by The Associated Press in the first-ever all-time rankings tabulated by the organization from more than 1,100 weekly polls over the past 80 years.

The ranking was based on total poll appearances, number of times ranked No. 1 and AP national championships.

"College football is rich with history, and the AP poll is a unique measure of how the sport has changed through time," said Noreen Gillespie, deputy sports editor. "The all-time list lets fans interact with that history, and debate how the nation’s top programs fared over time."

To view The Associated Press' all-time rankings, click HERE.

Our take:  FSU, Texas, Florida, and LSU all rank ahead of the 'Canes, despite having less championships than UM's 5.  Granted Miami did less than the aforementioned prior to 1980, it is still surprising that their 5 Championships did not rank them higher.

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