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A program makeover is exactly what Miami needed

The Miami football program has gone through a complete transformation. From hiring a new coaching staff to stadium renovations, the Hurricanes are changing before our eyes.

An overhead view showing where the Hard Rock logo will potentially be placed.
An overhead view showing where the Hard Rock logo will potentially be placed.
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For years members of the local and national media ridiculed the University of Miami for not investing in the football program that put the school on the map. The facilities were old and years behind compared to the rest of college football. When it came to hiring new coaches they were not willing to pay for the elite, instead opting for cheap up-and-coming coaches.

Times are changing and with the decisions the university has made in the past two years, it is safe to say that the Hurricanes football program is finally headed into the right direction. Since 2012, UM’s athletic director Blake James has done an excellent job in positioning the football program for future success.

James was instrumental in the switch from Nike to Adidas, which brought Miami more money and equipment than ever before. This was not an easy decision to make; Miami had been with Nike for 27 years. It was also not the popular choice, but the most beneficial for the school.

Since Julio Frenk was announced UM’s president in August of last year, it seems that sports are of higher importance compared to when his predecessor Donna Shalala held the position. Since Frenk was announced, Miami has hired a proven head coach in Mark Richt, and have provided him with the necessary funds to hire a reputable staff.

The Hurricanes are also fortunate that the Dolphins chose to spend more than $500 million on a two-year renovation.

Here you can see the changes to the stadium.


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UM's football team has gone through quite the makeover in the past two years, and that will continue as an announcement for an indoor practice facility is imminent. The future looks bright!

Here is some insight on how UM has played since 2008.

Hard Rock Stadium is the seventh name this building has had since opening its doors in 1987.

Years Names
1987-1995 Joe Robbie Stadium
1996-2004 Pro Player Park/Stadium
2005 Dolphins Stadium
2006-2008 Dolphin Stadium
2009 Land Shark Stadium
2010-2016 Sun Life Stadium
Current Hard Rock Stadium

Now, let's see how the Hurricanes have played at home since leaving the Miami Orange Bowl.

Season Record at Home
2008 4-2
2009 5-1
2010 3-3
2011 4-3
2012 4-2
2013 6-1
2014 5-2
2015 5-1

Since 2008, Miami has not been too successful playing at home. Although there were three seasons where the 'Canes managed to only drop one game at home, they ended losing two or more road games in each of those seasons.

Season Road Record
2008 3-3
2009 4-2
2010 4-2
2011 2-3
2012 3-3
2013 3-2
2014 1-4
2015 3-3

Since 2008, Mark Richt's Georgia teams never lost more than two games at home during a season.

Season Record at Home
2008 4-2
2009 4-2
2010 5-1
2011 5-2
2012 7-0
2013 5-1
2014 6-1
2015 6-1

In that time span, Georgia lost three fewer games at home than Miami. Although three games might not seem like much, playing in the SEC is considered to be more difficult than playing in the ACC. Going forward, a Richt-led Miami team should be capable of competing with the best in college football.