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Day 2: Mark Richt Presser Video/Notes & Quotes

Some highlights from Coach Richt's post practice presser:

On what went well:

"I thought we practiced like champions today."

What he means by practiced like champions:

"Effort, focus,  energy level."

Some negatives:

"We had too many penalties today."

More on the positives:

"I know what it looks like to have a practice where you are going to get better everyday, today was one of those days."

On Braxton Berrios:

"I seem him as an every down player.... he can do it all."

On the safeties:

"You can tell a big difference between the young guys and the new guys, especially disguising coverages.  Overall the safeties, the old guys especially, did a great job"

On CB Adrian Colbert:

"I like him.  His energy, maturity.   He can keep pace and in some cases show the way.  He'll play a lot, he's long, athletic, fast."

On the QB position:


Coach also noted that Michael Pinckney was out with a quad injury, but it was not expected to be serious.

Full Presser Below: