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Why Miami is winning the Twitter game

Miami has dominated the college football world on the field. But now, the Canes are taking their dominance to the virtual world, and thanks to platforms like Twitter, Hurricanes fans and recruits have shown that at The U it's more than just football.

Robert Duyos-USA TODAY Sports

Monday, Aug. 1, 2016 the NCAA ruled that head coaches could take to Twitter to interact with recruits, via retweets, likes or shares. Mark Richt wasted no time.

Richt immediately retweeted tweets from premier recruits like Deejay Dallas, Chris Henderson, DJ Johnson, Navaughn Donaldson and newly committed corner Trajan Bandy.

But, Miami had already made a name for themselves in the Twitter world before the NCAA ruled that coaches could interact with prospective players.

Thanks to fan presence, trends like the #Squad17 movement, recruits reaching out to other recruits and awesome hype videos, the Hurricanes have been able to solidify their title as the school that invented swagger. No other school has even been as close to creating the interactive and appealing content that Miami has.

It's not even the staff who has made the biggest impacts on Twitter. Fans have made amazing edits and videos to help show prospective players the passion they'll find at Miami.

At the recruiting level, its been commits like Deejay Dallas a.k.a. The Ambassador, who have been doing everything in their power to bring top talent to The U.

What happens when someone throws shade to The U on Twitter? An FSU commit, Alexander Marshall, went at it on Twitter with Miami fans, and The Ambassador, after Marshall called out Miami for not being "elite" and "getting ripped" apart by former Seminoles tight end, Nick O'Leary.

Hurricanes fans let loose a category five storm of tweets that tore apart Marshall.

Those were some of the more "PG" responses. Deejay Dallas delivered the knockout punch with one swift, quick tweet.

It's safe to say, if you don't wanna mess with a Hurricane, you best stay inside.

On the more positive side, it's been guys like Jeremey Shockey, a former Cane great, who has reached out to recruits. Shockey has tweeted out to recruits showing support and love for The U. Very few former legends have done that for other collegiate programs.

All the success in the social media world obviously means nothing without on-field success. That's going to happen. Fans have to believe that the hype will turn into real, substantial success this season and for seasons to come. In the technology age, Miami coaches, fans, recruits and players have set themselves as a part. The passion they have has been more than evident, and it continues to prove that at The U, it's family.

Oh, and incase Alexander Marshall needed a reminder that Miami is Tight End U, here's a message from current Canes tight end David Njoku: