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2016 Miami Football Media Day Quotes

Joe Skipper/Getty Images

Courtesy UM

2016 Miami Football Media Day Quotes

Defensive Coordinator Manny Diaz

On the defensive line’s progress

“Everyone is playing with a higher sense of urgency. They’re in better condition and are certainly stronger than we were in the spring.”

On freshman DB Malek Young

“We are planning on him being ready this year and we will plan accordingly if he is not.”

On the safety position

“The ability to have three guys is really important. What we are trying to come to in the next week and half is to really identify, who our best guys are in the end, from there we can start building.”

On the depth at the safety position

“The issue is if we have all of our guys on the field at once and they play 80 snaps, we aren’t going to be good for the fourth quarter. We have to have the ability to roll through and stay fresh.”

On DB Robert Knowles

“We need him too. He has started camp off on a positive note and as we saw in the spring, he’s made some interceptions. It just comes down to consistency.”

On Darrion Owens

“He is coming along and we are able to have him do more and more everyday. He looks good; he is a big imposing guy. We look at him as a big addition when he comes back. We need to be smart with him, we know it’s a long season.”

Thomas Brown, Offensive Coordinator/ Running Backs Coach

On Gus Edwards

“Gus is out here making some improvements, no doubt. He’s done a really good job since the spring. I told him the other day ‘Gus you’re a totally different Gus then you were back in spring’ and I think that’s very encouraging, but there’s still a long way to go. I’m pleased with the progress that he’s made and he’s definitely fighting his butt off.”

On what’s stood out between Mark Walton and Joe Yearby

“As of right now, they’ve been pretty similar. All the guys I have are very similar and they’re always fighting their butts off. I’ll say that in the spring Mark was far more consistent. Mark was in better shape and Joe had some weight to shed to put him in a better spot to be productive.”

Coach Craig Kuligowski

On the confidence of the defensive line

“I’m pretty confident. I believe in my guys. I see very large things happening. What we need to do is just stay together and have nobody be the weakest link on the chain.”

Coach Ephraim Banda

On the team

“They are fun to coach right now, I have Rayshawn Jenkins and his urgency is on a whole other level. He has bought in. Jamal Carter is an urgent guy and now I am teaching him how to understand the game and see it in terms of our back pedal school stuff. I feel like they really understand the game from an offensive prospective.”

Jamal Carter, DB, Senior

On this week’s practice

“It’s been kind of hard. We just got to work on our techniques and that’s what we are doing.”

On the freshmen

“We just got to welcome them to the U.”

Michael Irvin II, Fr., WR.

On what it’s like coming to The U being Michael Irvin’s son.

“It’s a lot of pressure, just like it’s supposed to be. It’s supposed to be that way. There’s nothing I could really do about it.”

On if there is any pressure to get on the field early

“No. No pressure to get on the field early. If it comes, it’ll come.”

On if he sees an opportunity in playing special teams

“Yes I do. I’m on a couple of the special team units. They’ve put me on punt, kick return and field goal.”

Demetrius Jackson, DL, RS-Sophomore

On working with new defensive line coach Craig Kuligowski

“I knew the types of high caliber players that he had worked with in the past, so I was excited to start working with him.”

On whether there was an adjustment period

“Maybe a little, every time there is a new coach you get to know their particular style.”

Rayshawn Jenkins, DB, RS-Senior

On the depth at safety right now

“We have a solid rotation coming along. Robert Knowles is one of the freshman that has put in a few great days at practice recently.”

On the difference between this year’s defense and last year’s defense

“It’s all about being aggressive. That’s the key word with coach Diaz and the defense; be aggressive.”

Tre Johnson, OL, Freshman

On the beginning practices of camp

“It’s been tough. I remember the first day was hectic because there was so much going on, so much information you have to filter, but after a little bit it has been easier. The speed and tempo at which we operate is turned way up compared to high school but I’m catching on.”

On what he has been working on

“Pad level and learning the proper steps. Before, I was trying to make plays without the proper technique. But now I’m getting it down, its been showing during film review.”

On summer training

“Right away when I got here, I started taking advantage of the meal plan and putting on weight. The nutrition team has been working with us to make sure that it’s all healthy weight. I came in at 285 pounds and now I’m up to 300 pounds. I feel like in the weight room its been paying off too. My lifts have been going up and my conditioning has been solid.”

Brad Kaaya, QB, Junior

On his weight

“As a freshman, I started the season at 205. Last year I was around 210 and then this year I will be 218. I just weighed in at 218, so that’s were I am currently at. I’m feeling pretty good and moving pretty well, so that’s a good weight for me.”

On the tempo of the offense

“The tempo of the offense is a lot faster and I think that’s really going to help us. We’re getting a lot of reps in right now and I think that’s going to help us during the season. I think it will help us finish games and that’s something we weren’t very good at last year.”

Zach McCloud, LB, Freshman

On working with players like Jermaine Grace?

“Everyone in the system has been helping me, but he in particular has been a tremendous help to me because as a senior, he has way more experience and tips to give than I could get on my own.”

Kendrick Norton, DL, Sophomore

How has it been working with coach Craig Kuligowski?

“He’s a cool guy, very laid back and funny on a personal level. But when it comes down to working on football, he keeps us focused.”

Shaquille Quarterman, LB, Freshman

On stepping into such an important role at linebacker as a freshman

“It’s been a learning experience. I’m on a bigger stage now, so I can’t afford to make mental errors at this level; it would only hurt the team.

“The biggest difference being here compared to high school has been the speed. When I’m out here at practice chasing around backs that run 4.3 or 4.4 40-yard-dashes, you can’t take any reps off. It’s really a whole different monster to prepare for compared to high school.”

Ahmmon Richards, WR, Freshman

On his weight loss

“I came in at 192 pounds and now I’m at 188 with a lower body fat percentage. “

On whether he has reps from special teams

“Yes, here and there I’ve been getting looks at kick return and punt return in practice.”

On what he is focused on

“I want to be consistent. I want to approach practice with the right mentality, so I can make the most out of every day.”

On who he models his game after

“I try to be my own person, but I do like to watch film on guys like Amari Cooper and Odell Beckham, their route running and how they get off of the line are all things that I watch for, so I can build on it myself.”

On being a freshman

“Honestly it’s like a big family. The coaching staff and all the teammates are here to help each other - it’s a good feeling - coach Richt in particular, the way he carries himself. He’s an easy guy to look up to and trust.”

Malek Young, DB, Freshman

On the transition

“Everything here is up beat here. It already feels like a team though, we all are here to get better. I like that feeling.”

On whether he is excited about playing in New Miami Stadium

“Yeah, it amazes me every time that I think about it. I know once I’m in there and I feel that atmosphere it will be a dream come true.”

On who has shown him the ropes

“Corn Elder has been a guy that I look up to. I take mental reps when I watch him. His technique and focus during film are awesome. I want to be like that.”