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Clinic Talk: What Hurricanes fans can expect from FAMU

The FAMU Rattlers walk into Hard Rock Stadium running their brand of spread offense and 4-2-5 defense

Miami Hurricane Football Spring16: Spring Game Images

The FAMU Rattlers ended the 2015 season with a 14-35 loss to rival Bethune Cookman in the Florida Classic. That loss capped off a rather disappointing season that saw FAMU finish 1-10, with their lone win coming against Delaware State on Homecoming weekend. Can the Rattlers rebound and put up a fight against the Mark Richt led ‘Canes? FAMU Head Coach Alex Wood has a familiarity with the Miami Hurricanes, having coached Running Backs at the U from 1989-1993 winning a pair of national titles in the process.

On Offense in 2015, the Rattlers ran a spread style using 10 and 11 personnel groupings for the usual doubles, trips, trips open, and quads formations we have come to expect from many programs around college football. With their recent lack of success they probably could benefit from running something different, like the Flexbone, but I digress.

FAMU runs all the typical makings of a spread team: I see outside zone (OZ), inside zone (IZ) and some sprint out passing game with full slide protection. In Coach Wood’s second season, there has been a shuffling at QB with Carson Royal moving to Tight End and first team reps being split between semi-incumbent Kenneth Coleman and redshirt freshman Ryan Stanley out of Flanagan. I would expect the ‘Canes to have to defend against a speedy dual-threat QB no matter who lines up in the ‘gun as the starter in 2016.

The old school Colts stretch play

Inside Zone Lead

Outside Zone Read Option

FAMU Quick Screen, which has hurt the ‘Canes in the past

Last year on defense, FAMU ran a 4-2-5 with an oft-stand up end under defensive coordinator Theo Lemon. Lemon returned to the college coaching world in 2015, after having been a school teacher since 2008.

While I don’t particularly love this type of adjustment in the 4-2-5, it seems prevalent at schools like FAMU, and FAU, to walk the WLB out over the slot leaving 5 in the box against the run or a scramble from the QB.

I’m hoping Coach Richt runs split zone and power at that stand up defensive end since he would have bad leverage and takes that guy out of the game mentally early by beating up on him.

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