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Miami Hurricanes News and Notes: Sam Bruce suspended for opener; Kaaya + Heisman hype; College Football Video Game coming soon?

Your roundup of Miami Hurricanes and CFB news for Thursday, September 1st

Georgia Tech v Miami

Welcome back, friends. Let’s hop right in and get this started

Sam Bruce Suspended for Season Opener vs FAMU

As per a report by Matt Porter of The Palm Beach Post, freshman WR Sam Bruce will be suspended for the Canes’ season opener vs Florida A&M.

This was something that was a known possibility for a while. Bruce, a supremely talented WR and one of Miami’s top rated recruits in the 2016 recruiting class, will miss this game, then work his way into the rotation at WR. He was a summer arrival, so he’s still getting up to speed with the offense, but he should go on to have a good freshman season and solid career here at Miami.

I understand some of you may be upset that Bruce is getting suspended for something he did while he was in High School, but actions have consequences, and a 1 game suspension is a fairly light suspension, regardless of the situation. Mark Richt runs his program the same way everywhere, and this fits that mold. I’m fine with it. It’s fine. And I’m excited to see Bruce take the field next week vs FAU.

Kirk Herbstreit doesn’t think many people like Miami to win much

This is an interesting one. Just days after naming Miami as his sleeper pick to win the ACC Coastal Division, and even challenge for the overall ACC Championship, ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit told The Miami Herald that the expectation for Miami is 7-6 because “that’s just who Miami is”.

In the piece, Herbstreit says that he doesn’t think many National CFB writers, analysts, or fans have a high opinion of Miami. So, he’s speaking for others aroudn the country, but I don’t think that he’s wrong.

Look guys: Miami has been a mediocre outfit for the last 10-12 years. Miami has been and will always be relevant in the College Football world, but the Canes haven’t won enough on the field to make the W/L record the foundation of things. If you want all the stats for how old people were when Miami (insert stat here), go over to Tomahawk Nation. They have that well detailed. Because they’re haters.

My point, however, is that Miami hasn’t won games enough in recent years to engender positive thoughts from journalists or fans who don’t routinely follow this team. Yeah, they remember the 2001 Canes — the best college football team ever — but they couldn’t tell you a single player on this current team except for maybe Brad Kaaya.

Do I agree with the thoughts of those Herbstreit references, those people who think Miami is just a 7-6 team? No. Absolutely not. But that’s me.

Who’s right? The 2016 football season will give us that answer over the course of the next few months.

A College Football could be coming (returning?) to your console

I have had a void in my video gaming life for years since EA Sports discontinued the NCAA Football franchise. I feel this void on the 2nd Tuesday in July — the traditional release date for NCAA Football — and pretty much every other day that I fire up my PS4 (Xboxes suck. Shut up).

But, the gaming world may not have to wait much longer for a CFB game to hit consoles. Our Blain Bradley interviewed the guys from IMV gaming, an independent developer studio that is trying to get traction to release a new College Football Video Game!

This is a really good and insightful interview, and all gaming fans should read it.

But wait. THERE’S MORE

Peter Moore, one of the top execs at Electronic Arts, told IGN in an interview “one day, I know (NCAA Football) will be back”.

Forgive me. I think I stopped breathing for a minute there.

The NCAA Football franchise was a staple for many gamers. From single games, to seasons, to Road to Glory, to online play, to the Dynasty Mode which made the game famous, it offered so much for players. And, the game did a great job capturing the pageantry of College Football, and brought far away places into your living room. When I played as LSU (a couple seasons in a Dynasty once), those night games in Death Valley were done so wonderfully. I really felt like I was in Baton Rouge.

Whether it’s the guys from IMV Gaming bringing a new series, or EA Sports reviving their once massive series, it looks like College Football could be coming back to a console near you in the future.

Brad Kaaya. Heisman Contender.

Hey, I’m just the messenger. Check out this video feature from Bleacher/Report on the Canes’ Star QB.

Quick Hitters

Miami could be undefeated heading into the rivalry game against Florida State on October 8th.

One of the top recruits in South Florida this cycle, Canes commit CB Trajan Bandy will prove the doubters wrong. Again.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about how committed Bandy is to Miami....

That’ll work.

More rankings for you as the Sunshine 7, our look at the Florida FBS schools, returns.

4-star RB Anthony McFarland has Miami in his newly released top 5. Miami, Maryland, and Alabama have long been the schools at the forefront of McFarland’s recruitment.

4-star WR Jeremiah Holloman throws up The U everywhere he goes. Holloman is one of Miami’s top targets at WR, and he is friends with the most outspoken player in this class, self-proclaimed ambassador 4-star ATH DeeJay Dallas. That’s all good news, guys.

That’s it for today guys. Hop in the comments and discuss amongst yourselves.

Go Canes