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Miami Hurricanes News and Notes: ACC moves championships; Kc McDermott recognized

Your Canes news for September 15th

NCAA Football: Florida Atlantic at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Hey guys! Here’s your Miami Hurricanes news to start your Thursday

ACC moves all championship events out of North Carolina

This is big. North Carolina passed a bill — HB2 — that (essentially) limits the rights of people in the LGBTQ community. The so-called “bathroom bill” has been a point of contention ever since it was passed. Back in July, the NBA announced they would be moving the All-Star game from Charlotte after the law was not repealed. On Wednesday, the ACC followed suit, moving ALL championship events out of the conference’s long-held homestate.

The ACC was founded in North Carolina, and its home offices are in Greensboro, NC, so the conference taking this step is massive. The NCAA has already said they’re moving events out of NC, things like NCAA Basketball tournament games, NCAA Lacrosse Championships, NCAA Soccer Championships, and more. The ACC is joining in and moving its neutral-site championship events, including the ACC Conference Championship Football Game, which have routinely been hosted in the State.

As far as the football championship game goes, there has already been one location that has moved to the forefront as a prime location to host the event: Orlando.

Could Miami, or the South Florida region, be interested in potentially hosting the now-displaced championship events? Maybe.

Regardless of where you stand on North Carolina’s HB2 bill politically, the move by the ACC to move events out of state is one that will affect many teams and championship events. This is something worth paying attention to as time goes on.

Kc McDermott earns praise from Pro Football Focus

A Canes legacy and former 5-star recruit, LG Kc McDermott earned recognition from the analytics site Pro Football Focus for his high level play against FAU last week.

McDermott was named to the PFF Team of the Week at Guard. The Team of the Week is a list of players who had the highest grades on their assignments in the previous game. McDermott was one of the highest rated Guards in America last week, grading out with an 83.3 score. From the above link:

McDermott was a force in the running game as he created good movement at the point of attack while not surrendering a pressure on his 32 attempts.

Congrats to Kc on the great performance and his individual recognition. Hopefully this becomes the standard for his play through this, and next, season.

Several ProCanes listed as NFL Hall of Fame nominees

We already know that Miami is NFLU. That was on display again on Wednesday when the NFL Hall of Fame nominee list was announced.

On the list are:

  • RB Ottis Anderson
  • RB Edgerrin James (a finalist in 2016)
  • Coach Jimmy Johnson

With many of the current top tier ProCanes either at the end of long careers (Frank Gore, Andre Johnson) or having recently finished their careers (Ed Reed), expect this list to grow in coming years.

And, also, let’s get it right this year, Hall of Fame voters: The Edge belongs in Canton.

More. App. State. Trash. Talk.

Okay. It’s not cute anymore. They’re really getting on my f*cking nerves. But, here’s what I saw yesterday:

ALL THIS GREAT MIAMI MUSIC AND YOU PLAY THAT WACK ASS WILL SMITH JOINT!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?! FOR SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh hey look, special jerseys for a home game against the Canes. What’s that, the 239482342th time in the last 5 years that’s happened? Cool.

Oh, and GREAT IDEA wearing all black for a Noon game. Real geniuses over there in the App State football offices, I see.

I’m tired of these low budget bums talking shit. I don’t have anything else to say. Saturday needs to HURRY UP so we can whoop their asses. No LOL. No “he he he”. Dead serious. Let’s f*cking go!!

Quick Hitters

Other stuff you should be reading:

Multiple reports said that Canes Hoops freshman PF Dewan Huell was arrested for Battery.

Travelling to Boone, NC for that App State game that is PISSING ME OFF? Blain Bradley has your 24 hour travel guide to this scenic area.

Jerry had this great recap of the ACC Coaches Teleconference. You need to read it. Seriously.

I was watching The U and The U part 2 last night, and had this thought about the UM-UF Bourbon Street Brawl:

Hahaha. Beat them in the street and in the game. Suckers.

Oh, and ESPN’s Jorge Sedano keeps it real!

My man.

Miss yesterday’s news? I got you, fam. Right here.

That’s it. Saturday needs to get here so we shut these fools up. I’m pissed off for greatness, and you should be to.

Go Canes