How To Beat Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech is a Tech school.

Everyone forgets that detail...

They are not an A & M school - as in agricultural and mining - with big and tough bodies developed over years of getting their educations.

But Caesar is an ambitious man But Tech is not an A & M school, it is a Tech school which probably explains why they run the triple option with its chalk board of plays that look more like sub-atomic particles quantum leaping into higher states of energy than what we 'normal' every day fan folks consider football is supposed to be.

Marie Antoinette figured out the simple answer back in 1789: "Qu’ils mangent du code".

Based on 4 years of Latin and 4 years of French (and can't speak either), I can translate that brief message as: "Let them eat code".

Of course, you are wondering what brings that to mind at 4 AM after Edster and Alim made the most accurate prediction of a Canes game in a long while - simple - flush with extra adrenaline derived from App State (that's a pun, get it?), I'm celebrating with some code work.

Here are the instructions I am trying to de-code into English (that include helpful encouragement from the coder):

Instantiate gallery function parameters reference:

Below are the parameters accepted by the gallery init function, do not be alarmed it is really easy to understand them, below is a reference to all of them.

  • The first parameter is the div which you have created for the gallery.
  • The second parameter is the xml file path.
  • The third parameter can be true or false, this is used to specify if the gallery has fluid/flexible width.

Applying that to the upcoming Georgia Tech game, I happily say:

Let them read code - or if we run up the score - let them eat code!

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