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Don’t Poke the Bear: App State Review

Miami v Appalachian State Photo by Tyler Lecka/Getty Images

Well… Damn, that was a beat down, huh?

I could go into the trash talking aspect of the last week but it’s already been discussed by our staff the last three or so days. The only thing I will say is that App State really shouldn’t have been “poking the bear” all week like they did. However, that was what their players decided to do, as well as their fan base and even the local shock jock(s) on the radio in the local area. The Mountaineers simply weren’t able to back up their talk and boy did it show.

For me, the biggest take away has to be that the Miami offense will do whatever it has to do to win a game. Use the same play over and over again? Why not if the opponent isn’t stopping you. Run plays at a lightning fast pace because the defense can’t keep up? Sure, why not. The fact of the matter is we’ve heard the term “multiple” used over the last few seasons by the previous regime and it looks to be that the offensive philosophy is to out scheme opponents. The offense, in a refreshing take, is very much “multiple” in that they can beat you with the run, they can beat you with the short passes or they can chuck it long to big bodied wide outs. Don’t forget, Miami can mix in a 280-pound full back and go I formation as well.

On defense all I can do is simply salute Coach Diaz and the work he’s done with his assistants to transform the “read and react” philosophy to the swarming style we have been witnessing on display the last three weeks. From what I’ve read, Miami has 13 sacks on the season so far and last year they had 26 for the entire campaign. The change in mindset and the results have been in stark contrast when looking back at last seasons per game statistics compared to what we’re seeing now. My only concern as I’ve stated the last few weeks is that I just wonder if the execution and the quality of defense can be sustained. I think the philosophy works with what Miami has on hand in regards to players and what Coach Mark Richt wants his defense to play like but Miami really is only a player or two away at a few positions to having to play walk-ons or low level recruits. It is what it is but you have to keep moving forward and doing your best.

Luckily the bye week seems to fall at a perfect time. A few reports have speculated that starting cornerback Adrian Colbert will be back next week after sitting out with minor the knee surgery. Don’t count out more contributions moving forward from Courtel Jenkins who was coming back last week from a similar injury as well as Darrion Owens who is still easing into more playing time at linebacker after missing last season with a knee reconstruction. Miami has a few troops coming in to provide reinforcements. Will it be enough when it comes to the scary October schedule? Who knows, we’ll have to see.

What do you guys think? How many wins will Miami pull out in October?