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Miami Hurricanes News and Notes: Jermaine Grace “speaks”; Sean Taylor’s cousin commits; App State watch

Your daily digest of Canes news

NCAA Football: Miami at Florida State Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

Hello Friends. Let’s get our days started with some Canes news, shall we?

Jermaine Grace “speaks” about his situation

Recently dismissed LB Jermaine Grace took to Instagram to speak his mind on his current situation.

Jermaine Grace speaks of his situation in an Instagram Photo
Jermaine Grace’s Instagram

The information you need to get from there: “I’ll be back really soon.” So, reading between the lines of what he said, it seems as though Grace will be looking to appeal his dismissal.

Obviously, adding the most experienced LB back onto the roster would be a good thing for Miami, and rejoining the team would be positive for Grace as well. We’ll have to wait and see how this plays out.

4-star LB Diamante Howard commits to Miami

Mark Richt and company continue to pound the recruiting trail, this time securing a commitment from Miami (FL) Southridge 2019 LB Diamante Howard

A 4-star recruit, Howard has a wealth of talent and athleticism. He’s 6’2” 178lbs, but he’s only a sophomore, so he’ll grow. Howard is the latest player from Miami Southridge to commit to the Canes, and he won’t be the last. That program has a tradition of great players who have come to Miami — starting Safety Jamal Carter is a Southridge alum — and they have upped their roster talent with several high level transfers in recent years. That’s a school you’re going to want to know the name of if you’re a recruitnik.

If you’re looking at the picture in the above tweet and wondering “why is a linebacker wearing #26?” Easy answer: Howard is a cousin of the late Sean Taylor.

Howard is years away from his National Signing Day, but he’s a top tier, elite talent. And, a Hurricanes legacy. All of that works well for me.

Appalachian State Blows It

I watched this whole game and discussed it with the people on Twitter. Appalachian State went to Tennessee to open their season. And, for a while, it looked as though the Mountaineers were going to beat the Volunteers in their own building.

However, fatal mistakes and questionable (read: TERRRRRRIBLE) playcalling and clock management were AppSt’s undoing, as they squandered a 13-3 lead before losing to 20-13 in OT.

Appalachian State is a good little team. They run the ball well. Their spread-based offense uses a lot of motions and different types of run plays (think jet sweep more than inside iso). They have a good system, they play hard on defense, and they execute the gameplan.

Why am I bringing this game up? Because throughout the WHOLE GAME people kept bringing up the fact that Miami travels to Boone, NC to face Appalachian State in 2 weeks.

I could continue, but you get the idea.

Intrepid Canes fans Alex Herron and Jon Watler succinctly summed this phenomenon up for us:

Look, EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT MIAMI IS GOING TO PLAY AT APPALACHIAN STATE!!!! This isn’t anything new, guys. You’re not breaking news by bringing this up, and not hurting any Miami fan’s feelings by telling us about a game on the schedule.

I get the thought: Tennessee struggled vs AppSt at home, so transitively (falsely, but whatever), AppSt will dominate Miami, a similar team to Tennessee, at their place. I get it. I disagree with it, but I get it.

Look, Miami has 2 games before traveling to Boone, NC. And I know EVERYBODY in the College Football world will be rooting for Appalachian State vs Miami.....just like we all rooted for the Mountaineers against the Vols tonight. But let’s just take things one game at a time.

We’ll deal with AppSt on September 17th.

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That’s it for today, guys.