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Salomon Writes Initial Letter to CMR: First In a Series

Scott Salomon will be writing periodic letters to Coach Mark Richt, just as he did last season to Al Golden, but we anticipate that these will be happier and more upbeat.

CMR with his headset on mulling over the arsenal that he has on offense and deciding which play to call
CMR with his headset on mulling over the arsenal that he has on offense and deciding which play to call
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Dear CMR:

I have to say with three games in the books, I am as pleased as one could be with the progress that you are making with the team this season.  I am sure that starting three freshman linebackers is not what you had hoped for, but they are living up to their early expectations.

I really like the balance that you are achieving on offense.  The run-pass ratio is really working out and the offense is staying on the field longer and giving the defense a chance to catch their collective breaths.  Third down is even working out to be a true money down and Brad Kaaya has a good assortment of plays to call to get a first down. Boy, what a difference a year makes.

It does not hurt that we have a potential All-American quarterback in Kaaya and a double-headed monster at running back with Mark Walton and Joe Yearby.  I heard radio listeners actually call in and say that Walton should be an early season Heisman candidate.  I like the spark that he brings to the table and I think that you use him very efficiently and effectively.  Although, I would like to see him get the ball on some jet sweeps and get the ball outside the tackles a bit more to show his speed off the edge.

As we head into Georgia Tech, I feel comfortable because you played them every season while at Georgia.  You know that service academy offense that they run and I am sure you will find a way to contain it.  As the Canes used to say, "it is pure assignment football" and if all of the defenders contain their assignment, then there should be relatively little damage.

Miami was destroyed the last time we went to Atlanta and we cannot let that happen again. Zack Laskey is still running for first downs and he graduated two years ago.  Please stop that offense and let ours get on track early.  We need a big win heading into the FSU game, a game that has real monumental proportions.

Well, that is about all I have for now.  Have a good week of practice and we will talk again after Georgia Tech.