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Miami Hurricanes News and Notes: IPF announcement today; Canes Futbol gets HUGE win

Your Daily Digest of Miami Hurricanes News for September 23rd

Miami v Appalachian State Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Hello, friends. Let’s start the day with some Miami Hurricanes news, shall we?

Indoor Practice Facility Announcement this evening

A long time in the making, the Miami Hurricanes will announce plans to build an Indoor Practice Facility this evening. The invite-only event will be hosted at the Fountainebleu Hotel on Miami Beach, a location which is owned by the reported lead donor for the project: Billionaire Jeffrey Soffer.

Yesterday, Andrea Adelson of ESPN wrote this report about the IPF, which includes 2 renderings of the facility.

Mark Richt has said getting an IPF was action item #1 since his hiring. He and his wife Kathryn even went so far as to donate $1M of their own money to help get the project built.

Miami is currently the only Power 5 school without an IPF or plans to build one. That little fun fact will no longer be true after tonight’s event. Be sure to check back later for a recap of that event.

Hurricane Futbol: BALLIN’!!!!!!

I know we don’t write about non-revenue sports here too much, but this is too good to pass up. The Miami Hurricanes Women’s Soccer Team went on the road and defeated #2 Virginia 2-1 on Thursday night.

Boom. That’s huge!! Congrats to Canes Futbol!!! Keep it up!!!

New Food Options coming to Hard Rock Stadium

Continuing the trend of improvements at HRS, several new Food Locations will soon be available at the stadium.

Are you excited for new food options at HRS? Do you like the idea of having a great new culinary experience while watching a game? Or, are you someone who just wants a burger or nachos?

Well, now, regardless of your preference, there will be multiple options to suit your fancy. That’s just another top tier upgrade at HRS.

Speaking of Hard Rock Stadium...

A lot of people were UPSET about the rain that came down during the FAU game. People were tweeting at me and they were MAD that they got wet. Well, that’s been resolved, reportedly.

So there. You can stop being mad, or at least stop tweeting at me about it. Thanks!

More improvements for UM Facilities

Just passing these along:

Just add these to the long list of improvements to UM facilities in the last couple years. Man, I know the haters gotta be MAD at that. Sucks for them.

Appalachian State AD apologizes

This story went by quickly.

A quick recap: A member of the Appalachian State Band Auxiliary wrote a Facebook post saying one of her teammates was “inappropriately contacted” by several Miami Hurricanes Players as they entered the field for Saturday’s game. Miami Athletic Director Blake James, after an investigation into these claims, stated that he considered the matter “closed”. James sent the alleged victim a letter, which she claims was an apology, but James disputed that fact, but said he would not parse semantics in the media with the young woman.

Then, yesterday, Appalachian State Athletic Director Doug Griffin issued a statement apologizing “to all those impacted by the situation.” And I quote:

On behalf of Appalachian State University, we apologize to all those impacted by the situation created as the teams took the field prior to kickoff on Saturday. The University of Miami administration has been incredibly cooperative throughout the review process. We’ve investigated the concerns, and we’ve provided support to our students. We will continue to support our students and keep their safety as a top priority

So, like I wrote earlier in the week, there was no malfeasance of any kind, and that has been supported by both schools’ Athletic Directors.

I am elated that this is the last time I’ll have to write about this.


Quick Hitters

Just the finest links

Our resident coach Justin Dottavio, aka Ironman Football, broke down Georgia Tech’s Flexbone Triple Option, which you probably saw in action on Thursday night. These pieces are invariably great, and will teach you something. Check it out.

Mike Grunewald’s Sunshine State 7 for week 4 is out, and a team you may be familiar with has ascended to the top spot, and a familiar foe has fallen way down.

Manny Diaz and some Canes defenders were doing some advanced scouting of GT last night

Mark Richt continued his tour of hitting local youth parks. You know the motto: A.B.C = Always Be Crootin’

Miss yesterday’s news and notes? Click the link below, homie.

That’s it for today.

Have a great Friday, Canes!