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Miami Hurricanes News and Notes: Canes ready for GT Option; New name for Hoops arena

Your daily digest of Miami Hurricanes news for September 30th

NCAA Football: Miami at Appalachian State
Just a super athletic dude ready to go make plays.
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s wrap up the week with some news, shall we?

Canes ready to attack GT’s option

About a week ago, our guy Justin Dottavio gave you the basics to the Georgia Tech flexbone triple option offense. It’s a great read, and lets you know what you can expect to see the Yellow Jackets run on offense.

Yesterday, Justin came back to tell you exactly how Miami will employ their 4-3 defense to disrupt and dominate the game.

Miami has a defense that played at an elite level through 3 games. I know those games weren’t against the toughest competition in the world, but the level of performance is still to be commended. You want some numbers to back this up? Well, sure:

I’ve quoted other numbers here before, but those stats are great, guys. Great. GREAT. Taking it a step further, Miami is allowing only 2.1 yard per carry against running plays, and GT only averaged 2.6 yards per carry vs the good teams they’ve played this year (Boston College — they have a tough defense— and Clemson).

So, what am I saying? I’m saying we’re ready.

We’ll see if I’m right (how right I am) at Noon tomorrow on ESPN2.

GT hype video

Watch and enjoy

Bye Bank, Hello HVAC

In a bit of sponsoring news, the name of the Miami Hurricanes basketball arena will be changing shortly.

So, it won’t be “Pack the BUC” anymore. Maybe “Pack the H-VAC”. Or something with air-conditioner (I’m probably one of the worst people at these sayings, other than my masterpiece #LetsBeJerks).

In any event, Canes Hoops will still play ball at their on-campus arena, still have a very talented roster, and still have one of the best coaches in America running the show. No matter what name the arena has, this team will be one that you’ll want to go see and support.

In L we trust.

Let’s get buckets.

Adidas ready for next week’s game

In case you missed it, Miami will eschew the current jerseys for the Legend of the U updated throwbacks starting next week vs FSU.

As adidas has done in the past, they’ve sent care packages to Canes Football alumni, as you can see from former OL Brett Romberg’s twitter.

Man, that’s a nice looking care package. I wish I got one of those....

Anyways, sticking with Uniform talk, this is the only week of the year that Miami will wear Green Jerseys. Matt Porter of the Palm Beach Post wrote this piece to tell you why.

So that’s it for today’s uniform talk. I know, I wish I had more of this, too. But hey, we’ll have PLENTY to say about uniforms next week.

Quick Hitters

Let’s finish strong.

Wrapping up our coverage of this event (for now), the ACC officially announced on Thursday that the ACC Championship Football Game will now be played in Orlando, FL.

We’d talked about this a bit this week, but this is an official announcement, so consider this officially official, officially.

Need a handy dandy guide to all the games on TV this week? We got you covered.

The Pick is back and let me tell you, John Pickens nailed it again this week.

Jerry has our end of a home-and-home Q&A about this week’s Canes-GT game with our SBNation friends over at From The Rumble Seat.

What’s the key matchup of this week’s game? Devin Tucker lets you know, just like he does every week.

Checking in on recruiting quickly, but 2018 QB Casey Thompson (Moore, OK) is a player that Miami is recruiting for next year’s class, and he went OFF in his game last week.

Yeah, that’ll work.

Matt Porter of the Palm Beach Post wrote about Miami’s plan to redshirt 6 freshmen from the 2016 recruiting class.

Porter did a GT-centric Q&A with Ken Sugiura of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald wrote about Mark Richt giving every player a Bible, and other Canes topics of the day.

Chris Hummer of 247sports wrote about how Miami is dominating using the stingiest defense in America ($)

Chris Stock of InsideTheU — Miami’s 247sports site — wrote about Miami’s OC/RB coach Thomas Brown speaking about the Canes’ Running Back situation. “They’re only scratching the surface”, Brown said.

Rob Cassidy of graded the recent interim head coaches at P5 programs. Former Canes TE coach Larry Scott, the interim coach in 2016 after Al Golden’s firing, earned an A grade for the job he did. Agree? Disagree?

We’ve already been over this, but had a piece about who is NFLU at several positions. This one is about Tight Ends and....well...U know how this goes...

UM alum and Olympic Silver Medalist Sam Dorman got to take a picture with superstar gymnast Simone Biles, and also make fun of a very tired Olympian at the same time

Reggie Wayne is good at promoting The U and ProCanes

And, lastly, if you missed yesterday’s news and notes, look no further

That’s it.

Happy Friday, guys!!