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Week 5 Staff Picks

Without further ado, our staff picks their winners for Week 5......

Our takes on the Miami-Ga Tech tilt........

Michael Grunewald: I think Miami bottles up Georgia Tech on offense, hopefully the defensive line can shoot the gaps on the interior of the GT offensive line to stop the dive plays. If Miami can make GT’s run game one dimensional either by only executing dives or pitches (not both) then Miami has a great shot in that aspect.

On offense, I haven’t seen anything from GT’s defense that jumps out and scares me. I think the biggest X factor will be turnovers. Two years ago Kaaya threw a few INTs at important moments of the contest and Miami lost. Last season in the rain, GT’s pitching plays were an unmitigated disaster and resulted in at least 3 or 4 fumbles that I can remember. If Kaaya and the offense can control the turnover category, I think this is a solid win. Miami 27-13.

Ricky Paolillo: After Clemson’s dismantling of Georgia Tech’s triple-option attack, the Yellow Jackets are looking more like their 3-9 record from last season. The Hurricanes, on the other hand, appear vastly improved, especially in run defense. This will be Miami’s toughest challenge yet; but the defense, and its trio of young linebackers, are ready for the challenge. Miami 31-14.

Cam Underwood: Miami is playing some of the best football in America through the first month of the year. This is a team that has plenty of experience beating GT, and Mark Richt is 21-2 vs. the Yellow Jackets when you combine his time at FSU and Georgia. The GT secondary is undermanned, and Miami should be able to exploit them. Mark Walton is a bast at RB and should find plenty of room to run. And, the attacking 4-3 defense employed by Defensive Coordinator Manny Diaz is just the thing to get in the backfield and stop GT’s flexbone triple option system. Canes 34-17.

Blain Bradley: I believe the Canes will have a top D all year. If you weren’t impressed by their first three wins because of quality of opponent, they’ll notch an ACC victory here. Let’s put Xs and Os aside: this team has something to prove. I haven’t seen Mark Richt enjoy coaching like this in awhile. Canes 28-10.

Daniel Tummeley: The Miami defense will go into this game well prepared for the triple-option, as Richt’s teams have always done well against the Yellow Jackets. Miami’s quarterback Brad Kaaya could play his best game of the season against the secondary that Georgia Tech is trotting out on the field. Miami 38-24.

Craig T. Smith: Well......Mark D’Onofrio had our safeties sitting back at times by around a baker’s dozen yards at Ga Tech in 2014. Manny Diaz’s group attacks the line of scrimmage from the snap. I like option B here. I also like that Brad Kaaya woke up and looked like a first-day NFL draft pick again. And I like that the best player on the field - Mark Walton - is on our sideline. Canes 30-17.