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Postmortem Monday: FAMU Edition

Miami Hurricane Football Game Day Images: Week One FAMU at Miami

When sitting down on this Labor Day weekend and thinking about the inevitable beat down that the Hurricanes put on the hapless FAMU Rattlers it’s hard to really pinpoint one specific area of the game to write about but rather the discussion should turn to the topic that the Canes got done “what they needed to.” The running game churned out the most yards on the ground of any division one offense during week one. Through the air Kaaya tied his career high with four touchdown passes in a little over three quarters of work. Lastly, the defense was smothering for long periods of the contest, at points in the third quarter FAMU was generating zero yard gains or losses each snap.

I guess, the thought that mostly comes to mind is “you get what you pay for” as well. New Head Coach Mark Richt has led teams to Conference Championships and has seen almost all there is to see in college football (except a national title but I digress) over the last 15 plus seasons as a coach. He knows how to lead men and most importantly, prepare them to succeed in-game. It’s not entirely just Coach Richt though, the defensive staff if finally top notch and not “cronyism by association.” Manny Diaz is a legitimate defensive coordinator who is fired up at his unit’s success or ready to teach at their misfires in execution. It’s not a blame game anymore and about the mythical “system.”

As the schedule turns over to more of a challenge next Saturday night against the FAU Owls we’ll see if the preparation and execution can stay sharp and impactful. Miami did what they needed to do against a far inferior team but now must turn their gaze to another lesser talented team but a division one opponent none-the-less. We’ve seen over the last week what happens to the favorite who doesn’t take an underdog seriously (a la Tennessee, Mississippi State and Virginia) so Miami must prepare and be ready for next weekend.