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Miami Hurricanes News and Notes: Another injury; Shapiro-case lawyer suspended

Another daily digest of Miami Hurricanes news and notes for September 9th

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NCAA Football: Florida A&M at Miami
CB Adrian Colbert, seen here breaking up a pass vs FAMU, will miss the FAU game with injury.
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday, Canes fam! Let’s get to today’s roundup

CB Adrian Colbert joins growing list of injured players

Per Matt Porter of the Palm Beach Post, grad transfer CB Adrian Colbert sustained a knee injury in practice on Thursday, and will miss the FAU game this weekend.

Colbert joins DT Courtel Jenkins as players who will miss the FAU game after recent injuries. Of those 2, Colbert’s injury is considered to be the less severe, and he should return to game action before Jenkins. But, injuries have a tendency to linger, so that isn’t 100% set in stone.

Without Colbert, sophomore CB Sheldrick Redwine is in line to start at corner. And, backups Malek Young, Ryan Mayes, and Michael Jackson will have more snaps to prove their worth to the team. At DT, a position that’s already missing Anthony Moten with a shoulder injury, the return/debut of Gerald Willis III couldn’t come any sooner.

If you’re thinking that Miami has had a lot of players get injured, particularly with knee injuries, you’re absolutely right. I turn again to Matt Porter to elaborate:


For a team with questionable depth at best, the Canes probably can’t afford to have too many more guys get injured. Hopefully the worst of the injury bug is behind us, but football is a collision sport, and injuries happen. So we’ll see.

Lawyer from Nevin Shapiro case suspended 91 days

Remember the Nevin Shapiro case? Of course you do. Remember that lawyer who the NCAA used to try to railroad Miami in the Nevin Shapiro case? I’m sure you do. Well, the lawyer in question, Maria Elena Perez, has been suspended for 91 days by the Florida Bar Association.

Perez was accused of violating legal ethics by giving the NCAA information from witnesses that she interviewed when she was representing Nevin Shapiro in a bankruptcy case. The NCAA, unable to get information from various individuals, circumvented the system by getting information from Perez, which, needless to say, isn’t the way things work. I’m no lawyer (word to my friend APDirtybird and others who are), but even using common sense, sending a lawyer working on a separate case to ask questions for your case/investigation that you weren’t able to ask yourself can’t be in the rules. And, it wasn’t.

With her suspension, it stands to reason that Perez will be unable to practice law for the next 91 days. She didn’t respond to comment when contacted by the Palm Beach Post, but what’s there to say? You tried to be nefarious, and you got caught. The end.

Charleston Southern Suspending 30+ players for FSU game?!

Yeah, you read that right. Per the Facebook of a Charleston Southern player, a SUBSTANTIAL amount of players may be suspended from this week’s game vs FSU.

Now, per Robinson’s post, the players could choose to sit out this week’s game vs FSU or a conference game next week. Since Charleston Southern had little to no chance to win this week’s game anyway, I’m betting they all sit out this week. And, if they WANTED to sit out next week, I’m sure the coaching staff will be able to persuade them to choose more wisely.

With the incredible attrition of the reported/potential suspensions, Charleston Southern may end up fielding a total team of 35-40 players for the FSU game. TOTAL. With such small numbers, and already at a physical disadvantage, Charleston Southern has to hope and pray that the players who are eligible for this game don’t get injured. Injuries for this game don’t matter. But, losing guys for future weeks could be devastating.

I know some of you are reading this and thinking: Charleston Southern should just forfeit. But that’s not how things work. This is a “buy” game. Charleston Southern is getting paid a HEFTY fee to go get beat, and their athletic department needs that money. They’re not in a place to simply forfeit the game. And, while that might be the better idea as opposed to putting 3rd stringers up against FSU, it’s not about the kids, it’s about the money.

Cold game, man.

Yeezy Cleats?!

If you’re new to following me, I should let you know that I’m into the shoe game. Heavy. So, when I saw that Von Miller was going to be wearing Yeezy Cleats in the NFL season opener, my attention was piqued.

With Miami being the premier adidas football school, could these possibly be something that selected players wear in games later this year? Wouldn’t it be money to have a couple guys debut these October 8th vs Florida State? I think so. But, that may be a pipe dream. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.


People ask me on twitter all the time “how do you watch the Canes game?” And, for these first couple games, I’ve given the same answer: or the new ESPN app. But, there have been a couple people who gave me a further update that may be helpful for your viewing needs on Saturday night.

On top of that update from John L. Peacock, someone else said that after the ACC games weren’t listed, they were able to see the ACC Network games after updating their ESPN app. So, that solved the problem.

I know that a lot of you out-of-state Canes fans rely on the streaming to watch the games, and I hope that those nuggets of information help you find and enjoy watching the Canes on Saturday night.

Quick Hitters.

Let’s take a quick whip around the horn:

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What’s next? Oh nothing. Just a picture of Greg Olsen and Ken Dorsey from the NFL season opener.

That’s it for today. Have a great Friday, Canes!