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Recruiting Radar: Official Visit Tweetcap from January 13th weekend

What Miami’s visitors (and others) had to say about the visits on Twitter this weekend

Miami hosted 6 visitors this weekend. How many of them will end up being Canes?

Every official visit weekend, Canes fans and recruiting followers want to know what the kids were saying, thinking, and doing. Well, look no further. Here’s your January 13th Official Visit weekend Tweetcap.

First, a group shot (and list) of all 6 official visitors this weekend

Canes CB commit Trajan Bandy

Canes DE commit DJ Johnson

Original question “You in the 305 yet?!” Answer:

Canes WR commit Evidence Njoku

(Njoku didn’t tweet individually during the weekend, but you should enjoy these)

WVU WR commit Mike Harley

Uncommitted WR target Jordan Pouncey

(first tweet came before the visit, but, I think you’ll see it has value)

Alabama JUCO CB commit Jhavonte Dean

Canes Coaches chimed in on the tweets, too



That’s it for the Tweetcap. Lots of good social media’ing going on this weekend. We’ll have to see if the visits pay off with commits (looking at you, Pouncey and Dean) or not.

Just over 2 weeks until NSD.

Stay Tuned.

Go Canes