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Announcing SOTU Staff Changes

There have been some changes to the SOTU contributing staff. Here they are.

Hey there, SOTU fans/readers. It’s me, Cam.

So, we need to talk for a minute.

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve had some changes here at SOTU recently. And now, I’m going to fill you in.

First of all, Co-Managing Editor Jerry Steinberg resigned from the site for personal reasons just before New Year’s. He’s fine, but he had other things in his life to focus on which required him to step away from writing for and helping run SOTU. After being with the site since before it was associated with SBNation, Jerry has a love for SOTU like few others. He wishes the site, and all its readers, the best.

With Jerry resigning from the site, I, Cam Underwood, am your new Managing Editor. This is truly an honor to be the person in charge of SOTU and I hope to continue to grow the site with a wealth of content Canes fans — and Canes haters (wassup UF and FSU fans who are always on our site) — enjoy.

Jerry was our lead basketball writer. Canes hoops has been a passion of his since his time at UM as a student. I chimed in from time to time, but Canes Hoops was Jerry’s domain. Without him around to contribute, our Hoops coverage lacked a bit, which is understandable.

So, to get SOTU and our hoops coverage back on track, we’ve brought on 2 new Hoops contributors: Jeremy Fialkow and Max Thoma. A bit about each of them:

  • Jeremy Fialkow was born and raised in Miami, Florida, but was (reluctantly) given the curse of New York sports fandom by his mother and father, both Long Island natives. Sportswriting is a passion for Jeremy. He began his writing career with CaneSport where he reported on and wrote about the Miami Hurricanes’ football and baseball squads. At the tail end of 2015, Jeremy was afforded the opportunity to become a Senior Writer and Editor for Elite Sports New York. These days, he’s taking his talents back to his roots and covering Canes Hoops for State of the U.
  • My name is Max Thoma and I'm a junior at the University of Miami majoring in broadcast journalism and minoring in sports administration. I'm from Chicago but I'm a lifelong Green Bay Packers and Cleveland Indians fan. I've been announcing sports for WVUM, the student radio station at UM, since the beginning of my freshmen year. This includes announcing for the 'Canes at the College World Series this past summer. Looking forward to being a contributor and obviously lets go Canes!

ICYMI, Jeremy has already hit the ground running, writing a stellar recap of yesterday’s 96-79 loss to Wake Forest. Check it out right here:

But wait.

There’s more.

In addition to adding Jeremy and Max to the SOTU team as basketball contributors, it is my pleasure to announce 2 new baseball contributors as well: John Reynolds and Jake Weingarten. A bit about them:

  • Jake Weingarten hails from NY. He will be attending UM to pursue his dream of being a sports journalist. He loves to write about the Washington Wizards and Miami Hurricanes. A moment that defines his Hurricane life, is the upset that the Basketball team had on Duke. It gave them their first win against a top-ranked team. Everyone stormed the court and it defines an amazing moment in UM Hoops history.
  • John Reynolds has been an avid supporter of the ‘Canes since he was born and follows all of the Hurricanes athletic teams. He is a huge sports fan in general, and will watch almost any sport on TV. He is involved in the marching band at his high school here in FL and is also learning to fly. John attends most 'Canes home football games. John hopes to attend UM for his collegiate education, with a goal to be a commercial airline pilot. He hopes his transition from reader to writer goes well and that he and Jake will provide excellent coverage for the baseball team.


  • Jerry resigned
  • Cam new Managing Editor
  • Jeremy and Max new hoops contributors
  • John and Jake new baseball contributors

I know it’s a lot to take in, but we hope that these new staff additions will give you the Canes coverage you so greatly desire.

And, the rest of the contributing team is still here, so you can still look forward to plenty of commentary from all your favorite writers.

So, that’s my spiel. Thanks for reading it, and thanks for continuing to help State of the U grow.

Welcome to SOTU, Jeremy, Max, Jake, and John!

Go Canes