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Sheldrick Redwine: 2016 Season Review

With high expectations, Sheldrick Redwine went through a roller coaster in 2016

NCAA Football: Miami at Appalachian State Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Out of Miami Killian High School, Sheldrick Redwine was one of Miami’s top cornerback recruits in 2015.

On signing day, Redwine spurned Louisville for Miami, and provided much needed size to a cornerback depth chart that lacked long athletes. At 6’1” 195 lbs Redwine excelled on special teams as a freshman, and going into 2016 expectations were high for the sophomore.

While Redwine had his moments in his second year; however, inconsistency plagued his season and allowed Malek Young to step into a larger role.

Before the year, Manny Diaz felt Redwine was a starting caliber cornerback, and was rewarded with good performances in the first month after Adrian Colbert’s injury. Redwine combined for 9 tackles in two early games against Appalachian State and Florida state, but in October things began to turn.

NCAA Football: Florida State at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Malek Young stepped into a larger role after the Florida State game, and Redwine only excelled in one more game against Virginia.

While his inconsistency hurt his stock; however, potential was flashed throughout the season. His physical intangibles showed why Manny Diaz put him in the starting rotation early in the year, and his development could be pivotal towards Miami’s future.

Although the ‘Canes have reinforcements entering in 2017, Redwine’s emergence could provide depth to a cornerback unit that hasn’t had depth for a couple of seasons. Miami is looking to bring in multiple cornerbacks on signing day, but Redwine enters his junior year with an opportunity to help the unit transition with a veteran presence.

2016 had its ups and downs for Redwine, but the most important factor one can take away from his performance this season is development. Redwine, like the rest of Miami’s cornerbacks, improved greatly under Rumph, but there is still room left to grow.

Miami’s coaches has applauded his work ethic in the past, and his frame jumps off the page with potential. Many fans see him as a safety, but going into his junior year Redwine needs to continue to focus on his development.

Redwine will focus on his progression as a defensive back this offseason, but as Manny Diaz said preseason, his work ethic will help him achieve the goals set out for him.

“What I like about Redwine is that he is the same guy every day,” Diaz said in August. “He is a consistent worker -- works hard, very coachable, tries to do the technique exactly the way that Coach Rumph explains it to him, and that is what that position is about.”

Redwine is set to enter spring with a chance to improve his position as competition such as Trajan Bandy arrives in the summer; but with his second full offseason as a ‘Cane ahead, his development will be amongst the most important on the defense.