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Houston Cougars hire former Canes DC Mark D’Onofrio

No, seriously. They did. I swear.

This guy got another job as a Defensive Coordinator. No, seriously. He did.

On Friday afternoon in a end of week news dump (really a great way to announce a new hire, no?), the University of Houston announced that former Canes DC Mark D’Onofrio had been hired as the Cougars’ new DC.

So, to recap: In a little over 6 weeks, Houston went from the best coach and DC combo in program history (Tom Herman and Todd Orlando) to now having a 1st time HC and the guy who coordinated some of the worst Miami Hurricanes defenses ever and was so bad at Miami that he spent the 2016 season coaching at the Boys and Girls club of West Kendall (look it up, I swear on everything I’m not lying about that last part) (Major Applewhite and MARK FUCKIN’ D’ONOFRIO).


Have fun with that Houston.