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Thank You Canes Fans - The Crowd, Atmosphere, & Expecting to Win

What a surreal win yesterday. Let’s keep this going. Miami is 5-0.

Georgia Tech v Miami Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Miami fans are used to being mocked. In recent years, Saturdays were filled with the same tired jokes on social media. "Where are the fans? Does anyone come to Miami games?" Sharing photos of a small crowd before kickoff was a standard move for college football writers during the Shannon and Golden eras. That time is over.

The atmosphere at Hard Rock was incredible yesterday, as much fun as I've had at a home game in years. The roof and upgrades to the stadium have made a significant difference in home-field advantage. The entire crowd helped earn the victory over Georgia Tech. The torrential downpour was the spark the Canes needed. Miami's defense kept forcing punts and the Canes offense did just enough to win. It felt like every fan stayed throughout the storm and embraced the conditions, gaining strength as the quarter progressed. Thank you to everyone who was there.

Is Miami a perfect team? Nope.

Is Miami as good as Alabama? Nope.

Is Miami as good as the title teams of the glory days? Nope.

But guess what - Miami is 5-0. Miami has a 10 game winning streak dating back to last season. Miami is the only undefeated team in the ACC. Coming into the weekend, the Canes had lost 18 straight games when trailing by double digits. Miami trailed 14-3 and 24-13 before rallying to beat Georgia Tech.

Miami has four more home games. Momentum is building. Fans are energized. Recruits are loving what they see. Things are starting to change for the Hurricanes. Miami now expects to win regardless of the situation. After two straight thrilling finishes, who knows how long this run can last. Canes fans deserve success after enduring the past decade. I'm going to enjoy every second of it and I hope you do too. Let's all bring the same intensity to the Syracuse game and keep this going. See you on Saturday. If it's up to me Darrell Langham will be awarded his spot in the Ring of Honor at halftime.