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Clinic Talk: Film Preview of The UNC Tar Heels

UNC is 1-7 overall as they host the 6-0 Hurricanes

North Carolina v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

The Miami Hurricanes travel to Chapel Hill this Saturday to take on the struggling UNC Tar Heels in an ACC match-up. This will be the worst incarnation of UNC that Miami has faced in some time, maybe ever. The Heels had to finish their contest against the Hokies without Chazz Surratt and Brandon Harris filled in admirable if admirable means getting the doors blown off of your squad.

What does Miami have to worry about up at Chapel Hill? Nothing but cooler weather. If Miami can overcome the mid-60’s temperature this is a no brainer that the ‘Canes should dominate the Heels setting up a marquee match-up against the Hokies. Miami is ranked 11th while UNC is ranked 103rd according to Bill C’s S&P+ rankings.

QB Power RPO?

It’s hard to even tell what UNC is running at times they run it all so poorly. The Virginia Tech edge rusher brings pressure that the UNC pulling guard doesn’t even see. The edge rusher comes free for a clean shot on the quarterback. UNC looks confused from the jump and the Hokies aggressive defense under Bud Foster takes advantage.

The Tar Heels could easily have blocked this up and possibly made a play but with the guard not even noticing the rush end and the running back ignoring him while on a route- the Hokies get a clean shot on the quarterback.

Miami will be aggressive, as we know, and the Heels had better be able to pick up the speedy Miami rushers like Trent Harris and even Trajan Bandy or Malek Young in the nickel position.

Va Tech Hokies Corner-Flat Combo

The Hokies lined up in a special formation, an overload type look with three eligible receivers all up at the line of scrimmage to the top of our screen, while the offensive line numbers are to the bottom of the screen. There’s one WR split to the bottom and a tailback in the back field.

The Hokies ran a sloppy play-fake to the tailback and he ran a flat route just shy of the end zone. One of the tight end types to that side ran a post-corner working off their 1on1 coverage. An inline tight end ran a drag to the bottom of the screen to drag linebackers and safeties to that side.

The Hokies QB found the tailback in the flat for a touchdown making me think some flat work from Christopher Herndon IV and Travis Homer could work in Miami’s benefit against the Tar Heels on Saturday.

Hokies Rub Concept (Miami Snag Concept)

Va Tech used a rub concept against the Tar Heels down by the goal line for another score and to jump to a large lead. Already up 35-0, Justin Fuente, another quarterback guru in the ACC, went with the rub route. His inside slot receiver runs directly at the cornerback subsequently “blocking” him and the outside WR dips underneath them and runs a slant.

In Miami’s offense, I can see the snag concept Miami used against Syracuse working to perfection. The Tar Heels defense seems susceptible to a goal line switch in coverage, as they’re probably playing cover 1, which means they’re in man to man coverage. Something like a slant/arrow or a snag concept would be perfect for the coverage and situation.

Miami shouldn’t have an issue with UNC. The Tar Heels are really bad in 2017 between their offense floundering and the amount of injuries they’ve accumulated. Miami has to use this as a tune-up for Virginia Tech and Notre Dame and get their depth in order at positions like running back and defensive back heading into marquee match-ups that will require depth and skill to defeat equally skilled opponents. Miami can’t afford a hiccup or stutter against the weak Tar Heels in 2017.