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Miami Hurricanes Football: 3 Stars from the Notre Dame Game

Notre Dame Owned by the Turnover Chain

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

First off, thank you to Barstool. Those guys had video highlights up moments after every big play. For my first time doing three stars that was huge.

Also shout out to Matt Washington for giving me the chance to write this piece.

Let’s start off with my top 3.

#3. Braxton Berrios

IN BERRIOS WE TRUST! Braxton’s first quarter touchdown reception was a special play. 8 touchdowns on the year. Just an amazingly drawn play that gave Braxton plenty of real estate to catch the ball. But what I appreciated most from Braxton was his steadiness on special teams. 2 punt returns for 28 yards might not seem incredible, but he’s so steady.

Here’s Braxton’s touchdown catch.

#2. Malik Rosier

To start off the game there wasn’t a lull for Rosier as had happened in nearly every game leading up to Notre Dame. He executed the game plan in the first half effortlessly, which lead to an insane half-time score.

In the second half Rosier was efficient. No turnovers. No bone headed plays. All a fan could have ever asked for.

Rosier followed up his beautiful touchdown pass with a 16 yard touchdown run up the gut.

#1. The Turnover Chain

Defense wins championships, and that’s what Miami’s hoping for this year. ACC title? National Championship? It all starts with a stellar defense. The turnover chain is a reflection of that.

Here are some crazy stats to wrap your head around:

Josh Adams coming into the game averaging 8.7 yard per carry. He finished the game with a 2.5 yard per carry.

Four straight games with 4 turnovers.

Game ball goes to the defense. What an effort.

Jaquan Johnson off a tipped ball.

Malek Young’s second INT of the year.

Malek celebrating on the sidelines.

Trajan Bandy’s first career INT ends up being a pick 6!

Another strip sack fumble recovery by Jonathan Garvin. He’s a true freshman btw.

Honorable Mention

Dee Delaney coming back after ESPN ruled him out for the year. Way to step up, Dee.

Lawrence Cager with a slick, acrobatic 28 yard catch on 4th down.

Michael Badgley all time field goal leader in school history!

DeeJay Dallas’ 4 yard touchdown run. Deejay would add another 4 yard score to ice the game.

Enjoy this one fellas. Worth every penny.