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Miami Hurricanes Football: Canes in heavy competition for CFP spot

Analysis of the Teams Getting in the Way for Miami to Make the Playoff

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Good day everyone!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who Miami fans need to root for this week and the next. All that’s needed is a dude with an MFA from a prestigious school and a lot of patience. Miami plays Virginia and Pittsburgh back to back weeks to close the season. The Canes play Clemson for a shot at the national title. If Miami wins out, we will reach the college football playoff. If Miami loses to either Virginia or Pittsburgh, a national title is out the window. What if Miami beats Virginia and Pitt but loses to Clemson? Well....


We should want Wisconsin to lose at least once before season’s end. Wisc is at home against Michigan on Sat and finish up against Minnesota. Then, the Badgers suit up against Ohio State for the Big 12 title. Since Miami has the stronger strength of schedule, a one loss Miami looks better on paper than a one loss Wisc. Basically, watch Wisc and pray that they lose. In reality, Wisc will destroy both Mich and Minn to end the season. That makes Ohio State our new best friend; a team that if balling at all cylinders can beat a run heavy team like Wisc.


Like Wisc, we need Georgia to lose just one more time. Georgia finishes up with Kentucky and Georgia Tech. GT surprised Virginia Tech while KY is a surprising 7 and 3. If Georgia beats both teams, then their epic battle against Alabama has huge playoff implications. A worst-case scenario for Miami is if Georgia beats Alabama and Miami loses to Clemson. I can see a one loss Georgia and Bama beating out the good guys for the final two playoff spots. We need Georgia to lose.


We desperately need Clemson to keep winning. Clem plays Citadel and South Carolina in back to back weeks. The SC game is in Columbia, so fits the very definition of a trap game. If Clemson loses to SC and beats Miami, the latter’s value goes down the tubes. Losing to a one loss Clemson team is one thing. Losing to a multi loss Clemson team hurts value. Go Tigers!


I’ll try to make this simple: Miami can beat Oklahoma. Suspect defense. Incredible offense. In the scenario I’m describing, in which Miami probably loses one game this season, a one loss OK could lead to Miami not playing for the national championship. I am hoping for Oklahoma to lose another game.


The casual fan might exclaim, “let’s hope Bama loses so that Miami becomes number one.” A Bama loss against Auburn or Georgia paves the way for both Auburn/Georgia and Bama to make the playoff. Meaning Miami’s chances would be in limbo. The best bet for Miami to be chosen by the college football playoff selection committee is with an undefeated Alabama squad leading the push at number one. Take out the variable of one loss teams.

Virginia Tech/Notre Dame

The best thing VT or ND can do for Miami fans is to keep winning. Problem is that at different junctures in the schedule a loss to Miami has necessitated a downward spiral (see Duke, FSU, etc). There’s a lot to play for, guys. Your wins help Miami in the eyes of the playoff committee.


The equation is simple. The more one loss teams for the committee to choose from leads to a one loss team like Miami on the outside looking in. Granted Miami could beat Clemson, but then again Miami could lose to Pittsburgh. Who knows in college football. These are the teams to root for and against to finish up an electric college football regular season.

My prediction is that Miami wins every other game this year en route to a national championship. For the record.