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Miami Holds at #2 in Both AP and Coaches Polls

Miami stayed at second as the upper ranges of the polls didn’t shift much.

Virginia v Miami Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Miami held at #2/2 in the country after their defeat of unranked Virginia on Saturday. The top of the college football landscape didn’t change much, after a week where many in the national press thought a big upset was possible, every single team in the Top 12 won, and the only major upset was Kansas State’s win over then ranked #13 Oklahoma State. Elsewhere, in the only matchup between two ranked teams this week, fellow CFP contender and #5/4 Wisconsin defeated then ranked #24 Michigan 24-10. This is a little disappointing for Miami’s one-loss playoff scenarios. A one-loss Miami, presuming the loss was to Clemson, would almost certainly have looked better than one-loss Wisconsin, with their loss being to Michigan. Although both teams still have a regular season game, plus a championship game, to get through to remain undefeated.

Elsewhere in the ACC Clemson stayed at #4/3, while NC State dropped out of the rankings. In what was a benefit to Miami, Virginia Tech was put back in both Top 25s this week, coming in at #24/25.

Miami’s strength of schedule was also helped by Notre Dame’s win over Navy, it was vital that the Irish didn’t have a let down game, not only for their own sake, but also for Miami. Fortunately the Irish found a way to win, and held at #9 in both polls.

If these polls are any indication, Miami should hold steady in Tuesday’s College Football Playoff Rankings. Many thought Miami would be in danger of dropping a few spots, especially following the terrible first-half performance they put together against Virginia, but it seems the rout in the second half kept Miami steady. Although the committee has made some extremely questionable decisions in the past few weeks, I would expect Miami to hold. This becomes even more true when looking at the opponents of the other Top 6 teams.

Also it should be noted that if Miami and Clemson both win out, it would EASILY be the biggest ACC Championship Game ever. The Championship game has NEVER seen a game between two Top 4 teams.

See y’all on Tuesday to talk College Football Playoff Rankings...

GO Canes!

Rankings in order of #AP/Coaches