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Clinic Talk: Film Preview of the Virginia Tech Hokies

Miami has to prepare for power read and Jackson’s arm

Duke v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

The Miami Hurricanes are taking on Josh Jackson and the Virginia Tech Hokies offense. The Hokies enter ranked 15th in the Bill C S&P+ rankings while Miami is 14th. The Miami offense is 20th while the defense is ranked 31st. The Hokies offense is ranked 70th while the defense is 4th overall.

The question is if the Hurricanes can stop the power read option play that Syracuse gave them fits with as well. That and deep throws against Miami’s defensive backs which have allowed some deep balls at times throughout the year while using a pass rush that has holes in the coverage scheme.

The Hokies Power Read Play

The Miami defense has a nemesis- and it’s the power read option play that Syracuse ran against Miami for a touchdown and now the Hokies will take advantage of it using many different personnel groups and formations. The Hokies will run power read with the running back and the slot off a jet motion look. They’ll use the fullback to lead block too. The back side guard will always pull and wrap for the quarterback to follow behind him.

The play side defensive end is the read here. If the defensive end plays outside to stop the sweep the quarterback will pull and keep behind the pulling guard who wraps. If the defensive end squeezes and plays the quarterback, the quarterback gives to the wing and he runs the sweep.

Miami has had trouble against this play like above against Syracuse.

Hokies’ Inside Zone Lead Read Play

Miami handled the Duke Blue Devils inside zone read pretty well. The Hokies have a quarterback similar to the Devils’ Daniel Jones in Josh Jackson. Jackson has broken Mike Vick’s freshman records and will look to beat the ‘Canes like Vick did in 1999. How will he do it? He’ll do it by keeping the running game moving and hitting deep throws against the Miami defensive backs.

When the fullback kicks out the defensive end, the tailback can run underneath it in the zone scheme. The quarterback is reading the backside defensive end like typical zone read. If the end plays the quarterback the QB gives, if the defensive end’s number disappears the QB pulls and keeps.

Miami will have to stop the quarterback read plays and some deep shots to slow down the Virginia Tech Hokies offense. The Hokies defense is going to play much like Miami’s being aggressive, leaving holes in the pass coverage, but they’re stronger against the run while scoring more on offense.