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POLL THREAD: Fourth College Football Playoff Poll

Don’t expect much change this week.

Virginia v Miami Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The College Football Playoff Committee will release their fourth edition of the College Football Playoff Rankings at 7:00p.m Eastern on ESPN on Tuesday.

The polls will be unlikely to change this week, after a weekend that resulted in a win for every team in the Top 12 and only one matchup between ranked opponents.

Miami will most likely hold at #3. While the committee has made some questionable decisions regarding the ‘Canes so far, I would expect Miami to hold true after getting a win this weekend.

Most of the top of the poll should be fairly similar to the rankings last week, and should remain similar to both the AP and Coaches’ Polls, both of which saw no changes in their Top 12, except for Oklahoma State dropping out of the Top 10 in the AP Poll.

Miami maintains its’ perch at #1 in Strength of Record, and still has the second most FPI Top 50 wins, a position they share with USC and Oklahoma. Miami makes a good case for the College Football Playoff, but will almost certainly have to remain undefeated to make the playoff.

Head to the comments below to discuss Miami’s ranking with everyone here at SOTU...

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7:00p.m ESPN