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Best road-trip for Canes basketball this season

What’s the best trip you can go on this year to follow Miami?

NCAA Basketball: Florida Atlantic at Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

For the 2017-2018 Canes, this is a strange question.

Last year the choice would’ve been more obvious and honestly more of an actual road-trip. A drive up to North Carolina and you could’ve seen Miami play at Wake Forest and four days later play at Duke and obviously one of the best atmospheres in college basketball.

This year the Canes have a four-game road-trip from December 16th to January 3rd, but besides that they don’t play consecutive road games the rest of the season.

The first two games of this stretch are at George Washington and at Hawaii, which shouldn’t be the most excited games (naturally putting that nicely for any Colonial or Warriors fans reading this). But more importantly you can’t include Hawaii in a road-trip (you know, because of the whole ‘ocean’ thing).

Which leaves us with the only actual road-trip of the season...

December 30th at Pittsburgh followed by a date with Georgia Tech in Atlanta on January 3rd.

Believe me... I know... not that exciting. And seriously way too far to travel to see those games. Not worth it if you ask me.

So if you want to see the Canes play on the road this year what do you do?

Save the gas money and buy a flight to Chapel Hill to see the preseason #9 Tar Heels host the #13 Canes.


It’s not a road trip technically, but in a year when the only other road-trip option isn’t in the ballpark of being ideal, why not just go see the best road game Miami will play this year?

It happens to be the second to last game of the season for both teams, who should both be in the thick of a battle to win the ACC title.

To all the avid road-trip fans who love following Canes hoops, this isn’t your year to bounce around places, but you could see one of the best individual games of the entire season in the ACC.